100 Daily use Questions & Answers

100 Daily use Questions & Answers 1-30

May I speak to you?
– Yes, you can.
– No, I’m busy now.
May I speak to her?
– No, she is busy.
Are you ready to go? 
– Yes, I’m ready.
Are you able to swim?
– No, I can’t.
– Yes, I can swim.
Did he propose to you? 
– No, he didn’t propose to me.
Do you like to travel?
– Yes, I like to travel.
May I sit next to you?
– Yes, of course, you can sit next to me.
Do you want to be rich?
– Yes, I want to be rich.
What do you want to do? 
– I want to be a doctor.
Would you like to wait?
– No, I don’t want to wait any longer.
Are you ready to go out?
– Yes, I’m ready.
Why don’t you come in?
– No, I’m right here.
Can we talk in private?
– Yes, of course.
Can I see that one?
– Yes, you can see.
Why did she do that? 
– I don’t know. 

Basic Questions & Answers

100 Daily use Questions & Answers 31-60

Is that answer right? 
– No, the answer is wrong.
Could you repeat that? 
– No, I will not say.
Do you know that hotel?
– No, I don’t know.
Is that a picture of me? 
– Yes, this is your picture.
How high is that mountain?
– I don’t know exactly.
Is he at home?
– Yes, he is at home.
Is she married? 
– Yes, she is married.
Where is Paris? 
– Paris is in France.
Is anybody home?
– Yes, tell me what to say.
-How is your dad? 
– He is fine.
What time is it? 
– It is seven o’clock.
Who is that man? 
– He is my friend. 
Is he still here?
– No, he left yesterday.
Who built it?
– My mother made it.
Can you find it? 
– No, I’m busy now.
– I’ll find that later.

Questions & Answers for Beginners

100 Daily use Questions & Answers 61-100

Can you handle it? 
– I’ll try to handle it.
May I put it here?
– No, you put it there.
What does it mean?
– I don’t know. 
When does it begin?
– It starts in the evening.
Will it rain today? 
– Yes, it may rain today.
How did you make it?
– I know how to do it.
Is it far from here?
– No, it is very near from here.
When did you buy it? 
– I bought it yesterday.
Was I wrong? 
– No, you were right.
How was your day?
– I had a great day.
When was she born? 
– She was born in 2001.
Was the movie good? 
– No, I didn’t like it.
How was the math test? 
– The math test was very good.
What will you use it for? 
– I will use it for my mobile.
Can you mail these for me? 
– Yes, of course I can.
Are you ready for the trip?
– No, I need a little more time.
Should I wait for you here? 
– Whatever you want. 
What is on the desk?
– There’s a pen on the desk.
Can I turn on the TV?
– No, it’s time to read.
What’s going on here? 
– Cricket is being played here.
Will the train leave on time? 
– I think it will leave on time.
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