100 Questions & Answers for Daily use

Common English 100 questions and answers for beginners

01. Did you win? 
No, I lost.
02. Have you ever played golf? 
Yes, I play a lot.
03. Are you an animal lover? 
Yes, I love animals.
04. What shall we do this evening? 
Let’s go to see a movie.
05. Have you been to Canada? 
No, I haven’t.
06. How are you feeling? 
I’m all right.
07. Is he working tomorrow? 
I suppose so.
08. Do you play any instruments? 
No, I used to play guitar.
09. Should we go now? 
No, not yet.
10. Did it rain yesterday? 
No, it was a nice day.
11. When do you get off work? 
I get off work at 7 pm.
12. What does your brother do? 
He is a doctor.
13. What do you think about London? 
I like London.
14. Who is that man? 
I don’t know.
15. Can you speak more slowly, please? 
Of course.
16. Have you ever won a race? 
Yes, a few times.
17. What are you doing this weekend? 
I don’t know. I might go to my uncle’s house.
18. What’s wrong? 
I’ve got something in my eye.
19. Was the weather nice last week? 
Yes, it was beautiful.
20. Are you working today? 
21. John looks tired, doesn’t he? 
Yes, he works very hard.
22. Is it cold in your room? 
Yes, a little.
23. Can you play cricket? 
Yes, I can play.
24. Shall I wait here? 
No, come with me.
25. Did you remember to call him? 
Oh no, I completely forgot.
26. Where is John? 
I don’t know.
27. You speak Hindi, don’t you? 
Yes, but not very well.
28. Do you think Lisa will call today? 
She might.
29. What did you do last night? 
I stayed at home.
30. Should we go out tonight? 
No, I’m tired. Let’s stay home.

100 Questions and Answers for beginners

31. Am I late? 
Yes, you are.
32. Where are the children? 
They are playing in the garden.
33. Are you tired? 
No, I’m not now.
34. Do you think Lisa will be at the party? 
I hope so.
35. May I help you? 
No thanks.
36. Would you like to go now? 
No, let’s wait a while.
37. Have you been to India before? 
Yes, I have.
38. Do you want to go there again? 
Definitely, I will go there.
39. Shall I wait for you? 
No, don’t wait for me.
40. Should we go out now? 
Wait until it stops raining.
41. Are you hungry? 
No, but I’m thirsty.
42. Do you go to work by car? 
43. Is he eating something? 
No, he isn’t.
44. Why were you late this morning? 
The traffic was bad.
45. Did you like the movie? 
Yes, I thought it was good.
46. How’s it going? 
Not bad.
47. Can you speak English? 
Yes, I can. But I am not fluent.
48. Will you be in Mumbai tomorrow? 
No, I won’t.
49. Have you ever played golf? 
No, never.
50. Where did you get this picture? 
From my friend.
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