50 Short Sentences for Daily Use

50 Short Sentences for Beginners

Learn just 50 short sentences today to speak fluent English. Spoken English practice at home for Beginners. Today we will only practice Spoken English sentences. 50 short sentences that will help us learn English faster. Today we will not think about any grammar, we will just practice. So that we can learn to speak English fluently.

Daily Use Short Sentences 1-20

The house is to let.
From time to time.
What is that?
It makes no sense.
The books are expensive.
Forget it.
Where is the airport?
Please wake him up
That way.
Believe me, I don’t know.
What is it?
It doesn’t look fair.
Are you here alone?
What’s happened here?
Nothing to worry about.
Time to sleep now.
I’d like to buy something.
When does it arrive?
Now is the time to go back.
Who was that?

Daily Use Short Sentences 21-40

Show me how.
Try it on.
I’d like to go for a walk.
Watch that!
I’d like to go home.
Someone is coming.
Be off now.
So be it.
At what time?
The rain has set up.
Here it is.
The TV is broken.
How could you say that?
How does it taste?
What happened?
Is it close?
Are you afraid?
The whole day.
How much altogether?
These books are ours.

Daily Use Short Sentences 41-52

How much does this cost?
This doesn’t work.
How’s work going?
Where is it?
Please don’t disclose.
It is not too difficult.
I like you very much.
That’s not enough.
Everyone knows it.
Stay here.
Behind the bank.
Will you be here?

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