Antonyms list | Opposite words list in English

Learn most common 30 opposite words in English. This antonyms list will help you a lot in learning English. Moreover, you can use these words when speak English. So learn these words well.

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Opposite Words List in english

Most Common Antonyms list in English

Below Above
Presence Absence
Lack Abundance
Intentional Accidental
Lazy Active
Subtract Add
Deny Admit
Child Adult
Elementary Advanced
Negative Affirmative
Before After
For Against
Argue Agree
Refuse Agree
None of A lot of


Different Alike
Dead Alive
Forbid Allow
Not yet Already
Never Always
Professional Amateur
Bore Amuse
Descendant Ancestor
Modern Ancient
New Ancient
Devil Angel
Human Animal
Satisfy Annoy
Ask Answer
Question Answer

Learn the Opposite words with Examples

Below – Above
My room is just below.
He lives above me.

Presence – Absence
I didn’t feel her presence.
I know the real reason for his absence.

Lack – Abundance
He died from lack of oxygen.
At the party there was food in abundance.

Intentional – Accidental
I’ve never intentionally hurt anyone.
The policy covers accidental loss or damage.

Lazy – Active
He is a lazy person.
He is an active person.

Subtract – Add
Subtract three from fifteen.
Shall I add your name to the list?

Deny – Admit
You cannot deny this opportunity to me.
Don’t be afraid to admit to your mistakes.

Child – Adult
The burnt child fears the fire.
I’ve lived most of my adult life in London.

Elementary – Advanced
I know a little elementary science.
He teaches English to advanced students.

Negative – Affirmative
He gave me a negative answer.
I am expecting an affirmative answer.

Before – After
Hear twice before you speak once.
Rain comes after sunshine.

For – Against
Fry an egg for me.
There is no medicine against death.

Argue – Agree
Why do you argue against me?
I don’t agree with Philips.

Refuse – Agree
He cannot refuse if you ask politely.
He was fool enough to agree.

None of – A lot of
None of the answers are right.
I have a lot of free time today.

Different – Alike
Each one is different.
The two brothers look very much alike.

Dead – Alive
A dead man will never revive.
She was found alive but unconscious.

Forbid – Allow
I forbid you to go swimming.
I don’t think he would allow it.

Not yet  – Already
The wound has not yet healed.
I’ve already told him.

Never – Always
You can never win.
I’ve always liked him.

Professional – Amateur
She’s a professional dancer.
She is an amateur in dancing.

Bore – Amuse
I don’t want to bore you.
He amused us with a funny story.

Descendant – Ancestor
He is a descendant of Confucius.
She has worshiped her ancestor.

Modern – Ancient
His house is very modern.
Do you like ancient history?

New – Ancient
Look at my new car.
I like to learn ancient languages.

Devil – Angel
An idle brain is the devil’s workshop.
She has the face of an angel.

Human – Animal
After all a hero is human.
A horse is a large animal.

Satisfy – Annoy
This work does not satisfy me.
Do I annoy you?

Ask – Answer
Can you answer me?
May I ask why?

Question – Answer
May I ask a question?
I need an answer.

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