Use the word instead of Very

Today we will learn some words that can be used instead of ‘very’. These words will help you to increase your vocabulary.

Use the word instead of Very
  • Very cute          –      Adorable
  • Very nervous     –      Apprehensive
  • Very short         –      Brief
  • Very clever        –      Brilliant
  • Very dear         –      Cherished
  • Very powerful    –      Compelling
  • Very noisy        –      Deafening
  • Very tasty         –      Delicious
  • Very upset        –      Distraught
  • Very worried      –      Distressed
  • Very willing       –      Eager
  • Very happy        –      Ecstatic
  • Very long-term   –      Enduring
  • Very necessary   –      Essential
  • Very accurate     –      Exact
  • Very good         –      Excellent
  • Very tired         –      Exhausted
  • Very afraid        –      Fearful
  • Very cold          –      Freezing
  • Very often        –      Frequently
  • Very thin          –      Gaunt
  • Very ugly          –      Hideous
  • Very large         –      Huge

Learn the word with examples -

Very cute – Adorable
The little girl is very cute.
The baby is very cute.

Very nervous – Apprehensive
I felt very nervous when I went into his office.

Very short – Brief
He told us the story very short.

Very clever – Brilliant
I’m not very clever at maths.

Very dear – Cherished
My daughter is very dear to me.

Very powerful – Compelling
I have no compelling reasons to refuse.

Very noisy – Deafening
The music was deafening.

Very tasty – Delicious
This dish is delicious with cream.

Very upset – Distraught
She was distraught with worry.

Very worried – Distressed
He was too distressed to talk.

Very willing – Eager
The boy was eager for success.

Very happy – Ecstatic
Sally was ecstatic about her new job.

Very long-term – Enduring
It is just the start of an enduring friendship.

Very necessary – Essential
Fluency in spoken English is essential.
Experience is essential for this job.
Mistakes are an essential part of education.
Money is not essential to happiness.

Very accurate – Exact
I can’t recollect the exact words.
It was difficult to tell his exact age.
Please give me your exact age.

Very good – Excellent
My wife is an excellent manager.
She is excellent at her job.
The school has an excellent library.

Very tired – Exhausted
The long journey exhausted the children.
I was exhausted from the day’s work.
We are all exhausted after the journey.

Very afraid – Fearful
He was fearful of every shadow.
I felt fearful for my life.

Very cold – Freezing
It is freezing cold now.
It’s freezing outside.

Very often – Frequently
At one time we met frequently.
How frequently do the trains come?

Very thin – Gaunt
Her face was gaunt and grey.
She looked gaunt and exhausted.

Very ugly – Hideous
A hideous monster used to live there.

Very large – Huge
Your room’s huge compared to mine.
There was a huge hole in the road.

Use the word instead of Very share
  • Very stupid        –      Idiotic
  • Very neat         –      Immaculate
  • Very lazy          –      Indolent
  • Very creative     –      Innovative
  • Very smart        –      Intelligent
  • Very nice          –      Kind
  • Very light         –      Luminous
  • Very fat           –      Obese
  • Very glad          –      Overjoyed
  • Very dry           –      Parched
  • Very risky         –      Perilous
  • Very valuable     –      Precious
  • Very smelly       –      Pungent
  • Very quiet         –      Silent
  • Very smooth      –      Sleek
  • Very roomy        –      Spacious
  • Very clean        –      Spotless
  • Very afraid        –      Terrified
  • Very shy           –      Timid
  • Very little         –      Tiny
  • Very strong        –      Unyielding
  • Very colorful      –      Vibrant
  • Very wicked       –      Villainous
  • Very rich          –      Wealthy
  • Very evil          –      Wicked
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