100 Basic Spoken English Sentences

100 Basic Spoken English Sentences 1-30

1.I love to watch TV. 
2.There is my key.
3.Are you coming with me?
4.No, I have some work now.
5.I am freaking out. I’m scared.
6.Mind your own business.
7.What’s your phone number?
8.Don’t wash that shirt.
9.Listen to me.
10.He is a stupid man. 
11.He is a foolish man.
12.About whom.
13.I came to know.
14.Stay inside.
15.Don’t be angry.
16.You should go.
17.When do you study?
18.Don’t move.
19.What nonsense!
20.Eat it.
21.Move aside.
22.Wring out the towel.
23.What if they refuse?
24.I rebuked him badly. 
25.Speak slowly and clearly.
26.It is very difficult to know which one is true.
27.Fill it up.
28.Leave it to me.
29.How high is that mountain? 
30.Call the doctor.

Most Common English Sentences

100 Basic Spoken English Sentences 31-60

31.Is there a good doctor nearby?
32.I’m feeling cold.
33.Switch off the fan.
34.Don’t whisper.
35.What happened?
36.Try it again
37.Promise me
38.Thank God!
39.That’s the question. 
40.There is a passage through the house. 
41.I’m not sleepy.
42.Can I eat this?
43.It’s obvious.  
44.Don’t be shy.
45.Who am I?
46.Is it a holiday today?
47.Why do you lie?
48.How to dance?
49.I am getting wet.
50.Why should I care?
51.Have a good day.  
52.I will leave by 7 o’clock.
53.Now I am standing before you.
54.How are you?
55.Hurry up.
56.Time is over.
57.Forget him.
58.Don’t move.
59.Why are you silent?
60.Taste it.

English sentences for Daily use

100 Basic Spoken English Sentences 61-100

61.I will keep an eye on you.
62.It is quite dangerous.
63.Why have you come so late?
64.I have made a decision.
65.Come and see me.
66.He always forgets my birthday.
67.On the right.
68.I like Italian food.
69.Where did you learn English?
70.What’s your address?
71.It may rain tomorrow.
72.Is that enough?
73.Have you been waiting long?
74.It’s a quarter to 8.
75.What is the date today?
76.It’s all right.
77.Where is the nearest ATM? 
78.Where’s the closest ATM?
79.What time is check out? 
80.My car was hit by another car.
81.How stinky your socks are! Stinky – having a strong or unpleasant smell.
82.I have to sleep.
83.No way anymore! 
84.There is no other way!
85.Now what?
86.Nobody is helping us.
87.Do you drink coffee?
88.Is this your bike?
89.Have you finished dressing?
90.Have you arrived?
91.No one was there then.
92.My office is near the station.
93.I will teach you sentences.
94.He needs some new clothes.
95.Where’s the post office?
96.Does this road go to Chennai?
97.Turn off the light.
98.Look at me.
99.Can I ask you something?
100.Blow your nose. 
101.Comb your hair.
102.I’d like a glass of cold water.
103.You’ve done me a favor.
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