English practice sentences

English practice sentences – If you want to speak English, you need to know different types of sentences. Only then you can speak fluent English. So today learn 85 English practice sentences.

English Practice Sentences Set-01

1.Where is the post office?
2.He resigned from the post.
3.Are you prepared?
4.I need time to prepare
5.Where are the prisoners?
6.She has a prominent nose.
7.I’m going to my quarters.
8.I ate a quarter of the cake.
9.He ranked close to the top.
10.Do you know the reason?
11.I need some relief.
12.He didn’t reveal his secret.
13.Roll up your right sleeve. 
14.A coin rolled under the desk.
15.He rolled his eyes. 
16.A dog is running in the park.
17.I’m trying to save money.
18.Don’t scream.
19.Didn’t you hear a scream?
20.You seem very tired.
21.What’s your favorite TV series
22.I told you to keep silent.
23.Her skin is perfectly smooth.
24.I will buy that dress somehow.

English sentences used in daily life

English Practice Sentences Set-02

25.Do you speak Spanish?
26.Do you play any sports?
27.How long did you stay?
28.The store opens at 9 a.m.
29.Do you think you’re strong?
30.He successfully passed the exam.
31.I like the taste of watermelon.
32.I got a temporary job. 
33.They will keep their promise.
34.Don’t forget to wear a tie.
35.I bit my tongue.
36.I have something to trade.
37.I have a twin brother.
38.I study at a university.
39.Who am I?
40.Is it a holiday today?
41.Why do you lie?
42.How to dance?
43.I am getting wet.
44.Why should I care?
45.Have a good day.  
46.On the right.
47.I like Italian food.
48.What’s your address?
49.It may rain tomorrow.
50.It’s a quarter to 8.
51.What is the date today?
52.Have you arrived?
53.No one was there then. 
54.The girl is good at this.
55.I am better.
56.How long will it take?
57.Are you angry with me?

Spoken english sentences everyday

English Practice Sentences Set-03

58.What to cook?
59.How is your mother now?
60.Let me see
61.What a pity!
62.What about you?
63.Do you think it’s possible?
64.I will buy this thing too.
65.How do I use this?
66.He is a painter.
67.Are you happy now?
68.What to study?
69.Are you coming?
70.Can you help me?
71.Do you understand?
72.Oh! come on.
73.It’s my pleasure. 
74.It’s a pleasure for me.  
75.Think and speak
76.She plays a prominent role in the organization.
77.You resemble your mother very closely.
78.He is an internet service provider. 
79.She checked her reflection in the 
80.He reached the rank of general.
81.I will shortly be arriving at the Station.
82.I met some Spanish people yesterday.
83.He was a member of the Supreme Court.
84.Measure each angle of the triangle.
85.I want to show you something.
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