100 Daily speaking English sentences

Daily speaking English sentences 1-30

1.Would you please untie this knot?
2.Untie the knot.
3.Why are you silent?
4.Keep your books in the bag.
5.Hold my hand.
6.What makes you late?
7.Do you work on Sundays?
8.Where is the pain?
9.Take a chance. Try it. 
10.Is there any mail for me?
11.What is the population of France?
12.Are you okay? Are you alright?
13.Were there any problems?
14.Can’t say.
15.I am bored.
16.See him off.
17.Which is your pen?
18.He is not well. He is unwell. 
19.It’s been a difficult day.
20.Try to understand.
21.Who can do it?
22.See yourself.
23.I’m not afraid.
24.Come on let’s go.
25.Don’t worry.
26.Please understand.
27.Wake up.
28.Can you come?
29.Where did you go?
30.Do you have time tonight?

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Daily speaking English sentences 31-60

31.Good idea
32.How sweet!
33.Forget her
34.Wring it out first.
35.I keep fast sometimes.
36.You are wrong.
37.You may go now.
38.Wait in line, please.
39.Are you on Facebook?
40.Can we talk in private?
41.Can you mail these for me?
42.I can’t accept what you say.
43.Enjoyed a lot!
44.Don’t abuse him.
45.Be attentive
46.Take bath
47.It’s good
48.Talk to me
49.I will fix it up.
50.How to start?
51.By your grace.
52.Where is he?
53.Are you mad?
54.Not yet
55.Give me that
56.When will you come?
57.What now?
58.What’s going on here?
59.When will you go?
60.I wonder why. I tend to think.

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Daily speaking English sentences 61-100

61.What nonsense! How absurd!
62.Oh shit!
63.The matter has become serious.
64.She is going into the office.
65.Drink water.
66.Leave it.
67.Can I keep it?
68.Help them.
69.Don’t disturb me.
70.Look at me.
71.Shut up.
72.Get lost from here.
73.You should be responsible now.
74.You are a false figure. You are a liar. 
75.Try to understand my point.
76.Every child likes toys.
77.They speak English in office.
78.I’m 25
79.He likes it very much.
80.They will return now.
81.Pardon me.
82.I need to brush my teeth right now. Now I have to brush teeth
83.Where will I post this letter?
84.Where’s the nearest hospital?
85.I don’t want that.
86.Did you come with your family?
87.I think I need to go to the doctor.
88.Were you at the library last night?
89.Should I wait?
90.I’d like to buy something.
91.Fill up the ink in the pen.
92.Go straight towards the school.
93.How many classes do you want to study?
94.Never believe in rumors.
95.I’m busy just now.
96.Delhi is completely different from Kashmir.
97.Is he Japanese?
98.Have you finished?
99.Is there an ATM?
100.Are you married?
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