English sentences used in daily life

English sentences used in daily life: Do you want to speak English fluently? Then you have to learn a lot of English sentences. Especially the sentences that we use every day in our regular life. Today I will teach you some sentences that you can use everywhere.

English sentences used in daily life 1-30

1.How was your day?
2.Which skirt do you like?
3.Where is he from?
4.Are you fair?
5.I am terribly hungry.
6.The girl is good at this.
7.Can it be cheaper?
8.Don’t make a noise.
9.He has a car.
10.That is her phone.
11.You need to go.
12.I am feeling much better.
13.Make yourself comfortable.
14.What’s the date today?
15.What do you want?
16.Nice to meet you.
17.Wash the dishes. Clean the dishes.
18.All people are not alike.
19.Hold it.
20.Speak loudly.
21.It’s late. 
22.You look busy.
23.Does she know you?
24.Be calm 
25.Keep quiet
26.Take this
27.Stop there
28.Never eat stale food.
29.Don’t worry.
30.I wish I were there!

Spoken English sentences everyday

English sentences used in daily life 31-60

31.We have our lunch at 1 pm.
32.How much is it?
33.They are in the class.
34.We play on Sunday. 
35.Are you ready to go out?
36.How was the math test? 
37.I am better.
38.Don’t be smart.
39.Speak aloud.
40.At any cost
41.Read aloud
42.It’s funny
43.Can I go?
44.I did not say this. 
45.How lovely!
46.Won’t you go?
47.He fell at my feet.
48.He remained silent.
49.Read aloud
50.How foolish!
51.How long will it take?
52.Are you angry with me?
53.What to cook?
54.How is your mother now?
55.Let me see
56.What a pity!
57.What about you?
58.He can be sent by his uncle.
59.I will meet you after 10.
60.Again and again.

Daily speaking English sentences

English sentences used in daily life 61-100

61.I’m fine.
62.Walk fast 
63.Let it be.
64.Put them in correctly.
65.Keep quiet.
66.Say goodbye.
67.Don’t show your face again.
68.Think about you old parents.
69.Don’t go too far.
70.Speak aloud.
71.Clean up the room.
72.Write your name at the top.
73.I want to show you something.
74.Do you think it’s possible?
75.That looks great.
76.He studies computer science.
77.I have to go to the office.
78.Where do you want to go?
79.Where can I exchange U.S. dollars?
80.He studies at Calcutta University.
81.Anything else?
82.I have two brothers.
83.May I speak to John please?
84.Our children are in London.
85.I like you.
86.Who loves you more your mom or father?
87.You’re the most beloved to me.
88.Why are you not sleeping?
89.Don’t intervene in this matter.
90.I will buy this thing too.
91.I’m sorry to have kept you waiting.
92.Is it free?
93.Are you afraid of the dark?
94.What an amazing view!
95.On the left.
96.I want to give you a flower.
97.Don’t do that.
98.When does the train leave?
99.Sorry, I don’t have a pencil.
100.Who is he?
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