30 Daily use Sentences in English

30 Daily use Sentences in English – speak English faster. Everyday we should know or learn some sentences. Then we can speak English correctly at any time. They are very simple; we just have to learn how to use them. Then you can speak fluent English. I will try to share more such sentences, if you like. I hope these sentences will work for you.

Daily use Sentences 1-15

  • It is a long story.
  • It happened long time ago.
  • Please listen to me.
  • He has given word me.
  • What is the use of saying this?
  • He is a very diligent person.
  • He is good for nothing.
  • This medicine had no action on me.
  • He is out of employment.
  • Hold your tongue.
  • Don’t utter this any more.
  • If I do this, my father will scold me.
  • I said this to his face.
  • I am penniless now.
  • The thief was caught red-handed.

Daily use Sentences 16-32

  • The doctor felt my pulse.
  • He is a man of few words.
  • He has a low fever.
  • A little learning is dangerous thing.
  • He is tender in age.
  • The boy has not a mature brain.
  • The boy is weak in Maths.
  • This is an unmetalled road. This is a mud road.
  • He is my younger brother.
  • He is a mean fellow.
  • He is a man of base nature.
  • He has light sleep.
  • He takes light meals.
  • The girl has thin hair.
  • Her hair is grey.
  • Her necklace is made of pure gold.
  • John has given his final word.

Try to learn and practice such sentences everyday because if you don’t practice, you can’t speak or learn English. You will need to practice everyday for speaking English fluently. Practice is the key to success. If you like the video please comment. And if you can share. Stay well and stay with me to learn English.

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