50 Daily use English Sentences

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50 Daily use English Sentences: Today we will learn some sentences that have to be used all the time when speaking English. If you know these, you will be able to speak English very quickly. So let’s get started –

50 Daily use English Sentences
  1. I’ll pay.
  2. Hurry up!
  3. Good idea.
  4. I trust you.
  5. I’m very busy.
  6. I made this cake.
  7. Give me a ticket.
  8. I don’t want that.
  9. It’s a quarter to 8.
  10. I like it very much.
  11. It’s not too long ago.
  12. Speak a little slower.
  13. Sorry, we don’t have.
  14. This is a good college.
  15. This house is very big.
  16. My phone doesn’t work.
  17. Today she is very happy.
  18. The books are expensive.
  19. They haven’t met her yet.
  20. At 4 o’clock in the afternoon.
  21. I’d like to eat at a restaurant.
  22. They have not met the girl yet.
  23. He studies at Calcutta University.
  24. I have arrived there in the morning.

Daily use short questions

  1. What do you want to eat?
  2. When are you leaving?
  3. What are you doing?
  4. What does this say?
  5. What does it mean?
  6. When will you go?
  7. Anything else?
  8. Are you ready?
  9. Do you hear that?
  10. Where did you go?
  11. What’s the matter?
  12. Where do you work?
  13. Where’s the mail box?
  14. Can I use your phone?
  15. What color is this car?
  16. What is the date today?
  17. Which one do you want?
  18. How do I get to Mumbai?
  19. How do I go to Mumbai?
  20. Do you know swimming?
  21. Do you have any money?
  22. Where can I buy medicine?
  23. Is there a store near here?
  24. When does your work end?
  25. Do you think it’ll rain today?
  26. What would you like to eat?
  27. Do you want to go with me?
  28. Do you know where my key is?
  29. Did you come with your family?
  30. Can you give me a glass of water?
  31. How many languages do you speak?

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