60 English Sentences for kids

60 English Sentences for kids

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-English sentences for kids
Simple Sentences for kids
-Common English Phrases for kids

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How to start speaking English confidently?

English sentences for kids – Are you afraid or ashamed to speak English? So today I’ll give you tips on which you can easily overcome fear or shame. All you have to do is start speaking English with the kids from today. Because we have to use short sentences to speak English with children. Which you can learn very easily. Once you start speaking English with children, you will see that your fear or shame of speaking English will go away. Then gradually you will learn to speak English with everyone.

Today I will teach you some sentences that you can use with kids all the time. And if you know these sentences, you will learn to speak English very quickly. So let’s get started –

Simple Sentences for kids

• Brush your Teeth before you go to bed.
• Drink a plenty of Water.
• I was not expecting this from you.
• There is no way.
• What’s Going on!
• You know! You are getting late.
• Do you want to know a secret of success?
• How dare you!
• Respect your elders.
• That’s wrong.
• Whose child is this?
• Do you love watching Cartoons?
• He is dunce. Dunce – a person who is slow at learning; a stupid person.
• Stay Neat and Clean Always.
• That’s not like a good boy.
• Who loves you more your mom or father?
• Clean your nose.
• Fill up the ink in the pen.
• I’ve hung your shirt here.
• Please Give me peace of mind.

Common English Phrases for kids

• What’s the time now?
• You may fall down.
• Afraid of being sleeping.
• Don’t Interrupt others while talking.
• How stinky your socks are! Stinky – having a strong or unpleasant smell.
• Mend your ways. Mend – repair
• This is what I want from you.
• Wash your face.
• You are almost late!
• Close the book.
• Go and sleep.
• In which class do you study?
• Put off the stove.
• Where is my friend?
• You Should sleep.
• Get up early.
• Comb your hair.
• Go Slow.
• It seems, you have lost your wits. Wits – intelligence and the ability to think quickly.
• Put on the shoes.

Common English Phrases for kids

• Where is my pant?
• You’re the most beloved to me.
• Come on you are getting late.
• Go straight towards the school.
• Keep the lunch box with you.
• She was bathing her kids.
• Where is my pen?
• You’ve made me angry.
• Bind the shoe laces.
• Don’t poke your nose into other’s affairs.
• I have to sleep.
• No excuse anymore.
• What made you worried?
• You deserve it.
• Cut your nails.
• Go to Sleep! It’s almost late night.
• Keep this to yourself.
• Shut the door please!
• Where is the ink pot?
• Definitely, you are right.
• Hang it out.

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