75 Sentences for Daily Use

75 Sentences for Daily Use: Welcome to our English Speaking Course! In this post, we have compiled 75 essential sentences that you can use in various settings such as the office, market and home.

Whether you are a beginner or looking to improve your English skills, this video is perfect for you. Each sentence is carefully crafted to help you communicate effectively in everyday situations.

Sentences Used in Office

75 Sentences for Daily Use

1. Start the meeting now.
2. Finish the report today.
3. Email the team updates.
4. Schedule a conference call.
5. Solve the issue promptly.
6. Update the spreadsheet data.
7. Set up a presentation.
8. Confirm the deadline date.
9. Book a meeting room.
10. Submit the expense report.
11. Share the document link.
12. Call the client back.
13. Print the document, please.
14. Revise the draft.
15. Take a short break.
16. Organize the files neatly.
17. Attend the training session.
18. Discuss the project plan.
19. Proofread the document.
20. Arrange a team lunch.
21. Check the email inbox.
22. Welcome the new employee.
23. Complete the task list.
24. Collaborate on the project.
25. Update the software.

Most common sentences for Market

75 Sentences for Daily Use

26. Price check the item.
27. Use the shopping cart.
28. The sale ends tomorrow.
29. Buy one, get one.
30. Swipe your card.
31. Try the sample.
32. Fresh produce available.
33. Special discount today.
34. Limited stock remaining.
35. Cash or card?
36. Restock the shelves.
37. Customer service, please.
38. Size small, medium.
39. Returns accepted here.
40. Sale starts at 9.
41. Quality guaranteed product.
42. Choose your color.
43. Open for business.
44. Sale items marked.
45. Loyalty points rewarded.
46. Online orders accepted.
47. The cash register is open.
48. Visit our website.
49. Ask for assistance.
50. Sale price displayed.

Sentences You can Use at Home

75 Sentences for Daily Use

51. Dinner is ready.
52. Turn off the lights.
53. Close the door softly.
54. Take out the trash.
55. Set the alarm.
56. Feed the pet now.
57. Water the plants.
58. Family time, now.
59. Clean up this mess.
60. Hang up the laundry.
61. Lock the front door.
62. Open the windows.
63. Sweep the floor.
64. Check the mail.
65. Buy groceries today.
66. Fix the leak.
67. Change the sheets.
68. Call a repairman.
69. Pay the bills.
70. Quiet, please.
71. Charge your phone.
72. Walk the dog.
73. Turn down the volume.
74. Vacuum the carpet.
75. Buy milk and eggs.

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