Words That Start With A

Words That Start With A: Welcome to our English-speaking course focused on helping you learn English easily, starting with words that begin with the letter “A.” Whether you’re a beginner or looking to enhance your vocabulary, our curated list of words starting with “A” will aid in your language journey. From everyday terms to more advanced vocabulary, our comprehensive collection covers a wide range of words, including “abandon,” “ability,” “assure,” and many more. Explore definitions, examples, and usage to improve your English fluency. Start your linguistic adventure with us and boost your language skills effortlessly!

English Words That Start With A

Words That Start With A

-To leave something behind or give up on it completely.
Example: The ship was abandoned after it ran aground.

-The skill or talent to do something.
Example: She has the ability to speak multiple languages fluently.

-Having the skill or capability to do something.
Example: Despite his injury, he was still able to finish the race.

-The termination of a pregnancy before the fetus can survive outside the uterus.
Example: The debate about abortion rights is a controversial topic.

-Concerning or regarding something.
Example: Let’s talk about your future plans.

-Higher than or superior to something.
Example: The plane flew high above the clouds.

-In or to a foreign country.
Example: She studied abroad in France for a year.

-The state of being away or not present.
Example: His absence from the meeting was noted by everyone.

-Complete and total, not limited in any way.
Example: She has absolute authority over the project.

-Completely or totally.
Example: I absolutely love chocolate ice cream.

-To take in or soak up something.
Example: The sponge absorbed all the spilled water.

-To misuse or mistreat someone or something.
Example: Animal abuse is a serious issue that needs to be addressed.

-Related to education or scholarly pursuits.
Example: He pursued an academic career in physics.

-To agree to receive or take something.
Example: She accepted the job offer with enthusiasm.

-The ability or right to use or approach something.
Example: Employees have access to the company’s confidential information.

-An unfortunate event that happens unexpectedly and unintentionally.
Example: The car crash was a terrible accident.

Daily Use English Words with A

Words That Start With A

-To go somewhere with someone as a companion.
Example: Will you accompany me to the concert tonight?

-To achieve or complete something successfully.
Example: She accomplished her goal of running a marathon.

-In agreement with or as stated by someone or something.
Example: According to the weather forecast, it will rain tomorrow.

-A record or report of financial transactions.
Example: He kept a detailed account of his expenses.

-Correct and precise.
Example: The map provides accurate directions to the destination.

-To charge someone with wrongdoing or fault.
Example: She was accused of stealing money from the company.

-To successfully reach a goal or accomplish something.
Example: With hard work and determination, you can achieve your dreams.

-Something that has been accomplished successfully.
Example: Winning the championship was a great achievement for the team.

-A chemical substance with a sour taste and the ability to react with other substances.
Example: Lemon juice contains citric acid.

-To recognize or admit the existence or truth of something.
Example: He acknowledged his mistake and apologized.

-To obtain or get something.
Example: She acquired new skills through training.

-From one side to the other, or in every part of a place.
Example: They walked across the bridge to reach the other side.

-To take action or behave in a certain way.
Example: It’s important to act responsibly in difficult situations.

-The process of doing something or taking steps to achieve a goal.
Example: The government took immediate action to address the issue.

-Engaged in action or energetic.
Example: She leads an active lifestyle, participating in sports and fitness activities.

Most Common English Words With A

Words That Start With A

-A person who campaigns or takes action for social or political change.
Example: The environmental activist organized a protest against pollution.

-A specific action, event, or task that is done for a particular purpose.
Example: Reading is a relaxing activity for many people.

-A person who performs in plays, movies, or television shows.
Example: The actor received an award for his outstanding performance.

-A female actor.
Example: She is a talented actress who has starred in several films.

-Real or existing in fact.
Example: The actual cost of the project was higher than estimated.

-In reality or truth.
Example: I thought she was joking, but she actually meant it.

-Short for advertisement.
Example: He saw an ad for the new smartphone on TV.

-To adjust or change in order to fit new conditions or circumstances.
Example: Animals adapt to their environments to survive.

-To combine or put together to increase in number or amount.
Example: Add sugar to the tea to sweeten it.

-The process of adding something to something else.
Example: The addition of new features improved the software.

-Extra or supplementary.
Example: We need to allocate additional resources to complete the project on time.

-To deal with or discuss a topic or issue.
Example: The CEO addressed the concerns raised by the employees.

-Sufficient or enough in quantity or quality.
Example: He provided an adequate explanation for his absence.

-To change or alter in order to achieve better fit or function.
Example: You need to adjust the temperature settings on the thermostat.

Spoken English Words Start With A

Words That Start With A

-The process or activity of managing and organizing something, such as a business or government.
Example: The administration implemented new policies to improve efficiency.

-A person responsible for managing and overseeing an organization or system.
Example: The school administrator handled student enrollment and scheduling.

-To regard with respect, approval, or affection.
Example: She admires her mentor for his wisdom and dedication.

-The act of being allowed to enter or join something, such as a school or event.
Example: His admission to the prestigious university was a dream come true.

-To confess or acknowledge something, especially something unpleasant or difficult.
Example: She had to admit that she made a mistake.

-A young person who is transitioning from childhood to adulthood.
Example: Adolescents often experience rapid physical and emotional changes.

-To legally take another’s child into one’s own family.
Example: The couple decided to adopt a child from a local orphanage.

-A fully grown person who has reached maturity.
Example: In most countries, individuals are considered adults at the age of 18.

-To move forward or make progress.
Example: The company made significant advances in technology this year.

-Highly developed or complex.
Example: She enrolled in an advanced mathematics course for college credit.

-A favorable or beneficial circumstance or position.
Example: His experience in the industry gave him an advantage over other candidates.

-An exciting or daring experience, often involving risk or unknown outcomes.
Example: They embarked on a thrilling adventure through the jungle.

-The activity of promoting products, services, or ideas through media channels.
Example: The company’s advertising campaign increased sales significantly.

Daily Life Words Start With A

Words That Start With A

-Guidance or recommendations given to help someone make decisions or solve problems.
Example: She sought advice from her mentor before making a career change.

-To give advice or counsel to someone.
Example: The lawyer advised her client on legal matters.

-A person who gives advice or guidance in a particular field or area.
Example: The financial adviser helped them plan for retirement.

-To publicly support or recommend a particular cause or policy.
Example: She is an advocate for environmental conservation.

-An event or situation, often of a romantic or scandalous nature.
Example: Their affair caused a lot of gossip in the office.

-To have an influence on or cause a change in something.
Example: The weather can affect your mood.

-To have enough money or resources to buy or do something.
Example: I can’t afford to buy a new car right now.

-Feeling fear or apprehension.
Example: She’s afraid of spiders.

-Following in time or sequence; afterward.
Example: They went for a walk after dinner.

-The time of day between noon and evening.
Example: Let’s meet for lunch in the early afternoon.

-Once more; a second or repeated time.
Example: He asked her out again after their first date went well.

-In opposition to or contrary to something.
Example: She voted against the proposed law.

-The length of time a person has lived or something has existed.
Example: With age comes wisdom.

-An organization or company that provides a particular service or represents others.
Example: The travel agency arranged our vacation itinerary.

-A list or plan of things to be done or addressed.
Example: The meeting agenda includes discussing budget proposals.

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