70 English Sentences for Beginners

70 English Sentences for Beginners – Can’t speak English even though you try hard? Easiest way to learn spoken English. Then this post will help you. So let’s see what you can do to learn to speak English quickly? When learning English in the beginning, you need to focus on small sentences. Especially on the sentences that are used in our daily life while talking. You will learn faster if the sentences are short and simple.

Daily Use Spoken English Sentences

70 English Sentences for Beginners

1. I like tea.
2. I like him.
3. Everyone saw it.
4. I came back.
5. It is not important.
6. I am not thirsty.
7. I don’t cry.
8. Are you a doctor?
9. Do you have time?
10. Who ate?
11. Then what?
12. John got angry.
13. I’ve heard that.
14. Leave me.
15. He is very sick.
16. John snores.
17. Give me the sword.
18. I can read.
19. You may speak.
20. Use this.
21. Can you read?
22. I’m bad at sports.
23. I was coughing.
24. Let me go.
25. That’s my brother.
26. No one knew it.
27. He jumped.
28. This is new.
29. I’ll get lonely.
30. John smiled.
31. Nothing changed.
32. Winter is coming.
33. John came inside.
34. We ate eggs.
35. I have a daughter.

Spoken English Sentences for Beginners

70 English Sentences for Beginners

36. Give it to him.
37. John inhaled.
38. It’s just wrong.
39. It’ll be wonderful.
40. Watch John.
41. What’s happened?
42. Speak up.
43. That is mine.
44. He eats too fast.
45. Sit here.
46. I have evidence.
47. Come again.
48. Here is your bag.
49. Goodbye.
50. I’m eating here.
51. Don’t wait.
52. Please stay here.
53. She got angry.
54. How old is that?
55. I can run.
56. Don’t lie to me.
57. He is yelling.
58. You called?
59. Stop right here.
60. Anything else?
61. How are you?
62. John is homeless.
63. Is that so?
64. I have time.
65. I want that bag.
66. John clapped.
67. I’m in the house.
68. John is coming.
69. What does it cost?
70. We are doctors.
71. I feel cold.
72. Of course.

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