Adjectives for describing food Taste

Learn Adjectives for describing food Taste in English – Words to use describe tastes and flavours. Words that must be used during meals – To speak fluent English, you need to learn a variety of words and their uses. Today we will learn some Adjectives that are usually related to food. It is very important to know English because these are useful in our daily life all the time.

• Acidic
• Bitter
• Burnt
• Buttery
• Cheesy
• Creamy
• Delicious
• Eggy
• Fermented
• Fishy
• Flavorful
• Fresh
• Fried
• Greasy
• Herbal
• Icy
• Juicy
• Lemony
• Mild
• Minty

• Moist
• Nutritious
• Peppery
• Raw
• Refreshing
• Ripe
• Roasted
• Rotten
• Rubbery
• Salty
• Savoury
• Smokey
• Sour
• Spicy
• Stale
• Sweet
• Tart
• Tasteless
• Tender
• Yummy

Bitter – 
This tea is too bitter.
This medicine tastes bitter.
He had a bitter experience.

Delicious – 
This cake is very delicious.
She made a delicious meal for him.

Fresh – 
I want some fresh eggs.
The bread is not fresh.

Again, we can say –
I like fresh air.

Greasy – 
Greasy food
Greasy dishes
Greasy skin
Greasy hair

These French fries are too greasy.
The food was heavy and greasy.
Her long greasy hair hung down to her shoulders.

Juicy – 
The pineapple was sweet and juicy.

Here we used ‘Juicy‘ for food. Again, ‘Juicy‘ can be used in this way. Such as –
Do you want to hear some juicy gossip?

Spicy – 
Try not to eat too much spicy food.
Do you like spicy food?

Adjectives for describing food Taste in English 2

Adjectives of Taste in English

Sour –
The grapes are sour.
It was a sour smell, but good.

Nutritious –
I ate a nutritious breakfast.
Milk is more nutritious than wine.

Rotten –
This meat is rotten.
One rotten potato spoils the whole box.

Salty –
The soup had a very salty taste.
I like salty foods.

Sweet –
My tea is too sweet.
I’d like to eat something sweet.

Tart –
I don’t like a tart apple.

Tasteless –
The meat was dry and tasteless.
The soup was rather tasteless.

Yummy –
This cake is really yummy.

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