Daily use English words for Conversation

Learn most common daily use English words for conversation. Today we will learn some words and also learn how to use them. These are very much used in our daily life. Moreover these will help us to learn spoken English. Learn them well and use them in your life.

  • Probably
  • Certainly
  • Expensive
  • Cheap
  • Dirty
  • Clean


Probably – likely to be true or likely to happen

I’m probably wrong.
It’s probably right.
I should probably go.
It’s probably a virus.
It’s probably a mistake.
I’ll probably see you there.
They probably don’t know.


Certainly – very likely to happen

I certainly will miss it.
I’m certainly happy to try.
I certainly don’t want that.
He is certainly over fifty.
I’m certainly not your friend.
I certainly don’t blame you.
He certainly was a nice guy.
You can certainly rely on him.

Daily use English words for conversation


Expensive – costing a lot of money

How expensive is it?
This book is too expensive.
Which one is more expensive?
I think this is too expensive.
It’s really expensive, isn’t it?
Everything is expensive here.
Gold is a very expensive metal.


Cheap – low in price

It was really cheap.
This camera is cheap.
Do you have a cheaper room?
Which is cheaper, this or that?
I want to buy a cheap dictionary.
Do you know a cheap hotel nearby?
The plastic chair is cheap.


Dirty – not clean

Is it dirty?
The plate is dirty.
Your feet are dirty.
I don’t like dirty jokes.

But sometimes we also use it as – dishonest
He’s dirty minded.
You have a dirty mind.
I don’t want to do your dirty work.


Clean – free from dirt, marks, or stains.

Is it clean?
Keep it clean.
Clean the room.
Are your hands clean?
I need a clean shirt.
Let’s clean our room.
I’m trying to clean the house.
Please bring me a clean knife.
Did you clean your room today?

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