Basic English sentences for daily use

Basic English sentences for daily use: If you want to speak English, you need to know a lot of sentences. But if you are just starting to learn new English, you should learn – the kind of sentences that you use every day. Sentences that you can use from home to the office and chat with friends. You will learn to speak English very quickly and English will seem much easier to you. Today I will teach you 100 short sentences that are used every day everywhere. These sentences will help you to speak English fluently. These sentences are very common and simple, so you can learn very fast. And knowing these will greatly improve your English.


Basic English sentences for daily use:

Give me water.
Set the alarm at five.
What’s going on?
Where is he?
Just come here.
Pare your nails.
Look back.
Don’t copy others.
Do you want to talk about it?
That’s not right.
Please sit down.
Stop the car.
Blow out the candle.
She is my best friend.
Don’t make excuses.
I understand.
What’s the problem?
Don’t do so in the future.
Not at all.
I can’t eat.
You are always right.
I don’t know.
What’s the date today?
Ring him up.
I can’t move.
See you tomorrow.
Let the people do their work.
Keep the glass in the kitchen.
Do not write by pencil.
Don’t worry.
I am feeling very down today.
Don’t make me angry.

Basic English sentences for daily use:

Where are you going?
Go inside.
Mind your own business.
I will attend.
Switch on the light.
I’m very happy right now.
You look tired.
Where are you going?
Come soon.
Use your brain.
Hire a taxi.
Drop me home.
Keep quiet.
Wait outside
He made her very angry.
Unpack the luggage.
You are impatient.
They like each other.
I would like a cup of coffee.
Leave me alone.
There are too many people.
I will come.
I am coming.
Don’t impose me all the time.
Let’s go.
Take off your shoes.
Go and enjoy yourself.
Switch on the fan.
Go back.
Take care.
It was a difficult day.
This is not your job.

English Speaking Course for Beginners

Are you tired?
Try to understand.
Tighten your shoelaces.
Take rest.
I was in a bad mood all day.
Please get in. Please come in.
Let this not happen in the future.
He has always been like this.
I like both.
What is he talking about?
I can’t sleep.
Are you coming with me?
May I come in?
Write with a pen.
You are in a bad mood.
Could you repeat that please?
How long are you staying?
You can do it.
What do you mean?
Thread the needle.
Squeeze the lemon.
Put on the shoes.
Be ready.
Don’t use that soap.
Don’t talk nonsense.
Make the bed.
What’s happening?
Shut up.
This is your job.
Beware of pick-pockets.
What do you think?
Take off your shoes.
Don’t walk barefooted.
How was the journey?
I am not ready.
I will go.
I am in trouble.
Do you want anything?
I am feeling much better.
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