Use of Each, Neither, Either

Learn how to use Each, Neither, Either in Speaking of English? We need such sentences all the time. Spoken English Sentences you can use in daily life.

Use of Either

  • Either she goes or I go.
  • Either he or I must go.
  • I don’t want either of them.
  • You’re either with me or against me.
  • I couldn’t sleep either.
  • I’m not busy either.
  • I can’t do that either.
  • They don’t like this either.
Use of Each, Neither, Either

Use of Neither

  • Neither fish nor flesh.
  • Love is neither bought nor sold.
  • Neither he nor his friends came back.
  • Neither pen nor pencil can express.
  • Neither of us forgot about it.
  • There was neither food nor drink.
  • Neither of them had their tickets.
  • Their house is neither big nor small.
  • Neither of them looks happy.
  • I neither drink nor smoke.

Use of Each

  • We know each other.
  • Do you know each other?
  • We love each other.
  • They hate each other.
  • Do they love each other?
  • Let’s help each other.
  • I know each one of you.
  • Drill a hole in each corner.
  • Each man has his limitations.
  • She had a bottle in each hand.
  • Give an apple to each child.
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