55 Confused Words and Meanings

55 Confused Words and Meanings:

1Accept Receive
2Advice Guidance or recommendations
3Advise To offer suggestions about best
4Affect Influence
5Allowed Permitted
6Allude Make indirect reference
7Aloud Clearly heard
8Ate Past tense of eat
9Brake Stopping device
10Break Smash, split
11Buy Purchase
12By Preposition
13Capital City, wealth
14Capitol Building
15Coarse Rough
16Course Way or path
17Effect Result
18Eight The number
19Elude Escape from something
20Emigrate leave one country or region to settle in another
21Ensure Guarantee
22Except Leave out
23Farther Physical distance
24For Preposition
25Forth Forward

Daily use Confused Words

55 Confused Words and Meanings:

26Four The number
27Fourth Comes after third
28Further Abstract idea
29Hear Perceive
30Here In this place
31Immigrate enter another country and reside there
32Insure Financial liability
33Loose Free
34Lose Misplace
35Peace Absence of war
36Piece Part, portion
37Plain Simple
38Plane Flat surface
39Principal Chief person
40Principle Rule
41Quiet Silent
42Quite Really, positively
43Stationery Writing paper
44Than comparison
45Then At that time
46To In the direction of
47Too Also
48Weak Feeble
49Weather Atmospheric conditions
50Week Seven days
51Whether If, in case
52Which what one
53Who subject
54Whom object
55Witch sorceress
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Daily use Sentences:

55 Confused Words and Meanings:

  1. Do you accept credit cards?
  2. The advice was very useful to me.
  3. I’d advise you not to tell him.
  4. Smoking will affect
  5. Swimming is not allowed at this beach.
  6. You allude to something else.
  7. He read the poem aloud.
  8. I ate two slices of toast.
  9. Your car has worn brake
  10. You should not break the law.
  11. Where can I buy a ticket?
  12. A man is known by his friends.
  13. Beijing is the capital of China.
  14. The Capitol is a magnificent building.
  15. The man was brutish and coarse.
  16. Nature will have its course.
  17. This drug has a cumulative effect.
  18. I work eight hours a day.
  19. The fox elude the dog.
  20. The men emigrate to work as seamen.
  21. The price is low to ensure a quick sale.
  22. We work every day except Sunday.
  23. How much farther is it to the airport?
  24. He works for a bank.
  25. He set forth with his car.
  26. This lesson is divided into four units.
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