100 English Questions & Answers

100 English Questions & Answers 1-25

1.How are you feeling? I’m all right.
2.Do you think she’ll come to this party? Yes, I think so.
3.Do you like detective stories? Yes, I love it.
4.How long have you been here? For about 3 hours.
5.Doesn’t anybody here speak Hindi? I doubt it.
6.May I use your phone? Sure, go ahead.
7.Should I tell him about it? Better not, I think.
8.When is your birthday? In December.
9.Where do you live? I live in Mumbai.
10.Where did you stay? In a hotel.
11.Would you like to find another job? I think not.
12.Nice day to go to the county, isn’t it? Yes, it really is.
13.What’s your profession? I’m a doctor.
14.When will you go on holiday? Next month.
15.Which would you like, coffee or tea? Tea, please.
16.How was the movie? Not so bad. 
17.What are you interested in? I’m interested in sports and music.
18.Does she speak English? Yes, she does.
19.Who are you buying that present for? For my sister.
20.What is your family name? My family name is Brown.
21.Do you think English is easy? Yes.
22.Is it British English? No, it’s American.
23.What’s the time? It is half-past ten.
24.How many stars does this hotel have? 4 stars.
25.Can I help you? No, thanks.


100 English Questions & Answers

How to ask and answer Basic Questions?

100 English Questions & Answers 26-50

25.Can I help you? No, thanks.
26.Do you mind if I use your phone? I’m sorry but I’m waiting for the call.
27.How was your trip to Spain? It was great.
28.Do you think it is true? I’m afraid not.
29.How can I help you? No, thanks. I’m just looking.
30.What do you do for living? I work as a bus conductor.
31.What’s the weather like today? It’s hot and sunny.
32.Do you like your job? Yeah, I really like it.
33.May I smoke here? No problem.
34.What time is it? It’s a quarter to seven.
35.Where are you from? I’m from Africa.
36.Is it a five-star hotel? No, it is not.
37.How old are you? I’m thirty-two.
38.Which dress do you prefer? I’d like to buy this blue one.
39.Do you like winter? Yeah, it’s my favorite season.
40.How long have you been waiting for me? For 15 minutes.
41.Shall we go to the show tonight? Yes, let’s go.
42.What kind of sports do you like? I really like football and cricket.
43.May I see your ticket, please? Yes, here it is.
44.Where were you yesterday? I was at home all day.
45.Do you have friends who live in another country? Yes, some of my friends live in London.
46.Where did you go yesterday? I went to the movie.
47.What’s the matter?Nothing, I’m fine.
48.What do you do?I work in a bank.
49.How is everything?Everything is fine.
50.What do you want?I want to go out.


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