150 Daily Use Short Sentences

150 Daily Use Short Sentences 1-50

1.Use your brain.
2.I see.
3.I am single.
4.I think so.
5.Don’t make excuses.
6.Drop me home.
7.I am getting sleepy.
8.I don’t know.
9.Don’t abuse him.
10.Let me take bath.
11.See you tomorrow.
12.I quit.
13.I am lost.
14.I am home.
15.What’s going on.
16.Where were you?
17.Did I get you right?
18.Don’t take it to heart.
19.I decline.
20.I promise.
21.How are you?
22.Times up.
23.I am in trouble.
24.Please be seated.
25.How much?
26.How many?
27.After you.
28.Have fun.
29.So long.
30.Let it go.
31.Mind your language.
32.You first.
33.My treat.
34.Good luck.
35.Follow me.
36.Follow him.
37.Forget it.
38.What’s going on?
39.Don’t mess with me.
40.Keep in touch.
41.Don’t wink.
42.Watch out.
43.Never mind.
44.See him off.
45.Keep mum.
46.Believe me.
47.Trust me.
48.Call me back.
49.Do me a favour.
50.I don’t understand.

Short Sentences for Beginners

150 Daily Use Short Sentences 51-100

51.Let me see.
52.Don’t be silly.
53.It’s too late.
54.Hurry up.
55.No idea!
56.How stupid!
57.Wake up.
58.Get ready.
59.You are wrong.
60.Not you.
61.He is kind.
62.He is honest.
63.Keep calm.
64.I love it.
65.I find it difficult.
66.I am done.
67.I am scared.
68.is it good?
69.Is it yours?
70.Are you mad?
71.That’s neat.
72.Control yourself.
73.Are you there?
74.Do it right.
75.I hate you.
76.Serve the food.
77.Shut up.
78.I am not ready.
79.What now?
80.What next?
81.What to do?
82.What to see?
83.Are you going?
84.I like both.
85.I will come.
86.I will go.
87.I will attend.
88.I can move.
89.I cant sleep.
90.I cant eat.
91.I don’t know.
92.Bring him in.
93.Nobody came.
94.Where is he?
95.Come with us.
96.Stay with us.
97.I understand.
98.Leave me alone.
99.Be careful.
100.Not at all.

Most Common Daily Use Sentences

150 Daily Use Short Sentences 101-150

101.Listen to me.
102.I am just coming.
103.Very well.
104.You did very well.
105.All right.
106.As you like.
107.Anything else.
108.Nothing else.
109.Not a bit.
110.It’s too much.
111.Yes, by all means.
112.Speak aloud.
113.Look at her.
114.Look here.
115.Go and stand there.
116.Come her.
117.Stay here.
118.Rest assured.
119.Not to mention.
120.Never mind.
121.No, never.
122.If you ask me.
123.In my opinion.
124.I know you very well.
125.I know you.
126.Don’t pretend.
127.Don’t make me angry.
128.Don’t make excuses.
129.Understand me.
130.Don’t favor me.
131.Walk on tiptoe.
132.The way I see it.
133.It seems to me.
134.As far as I can see.
135.As far as I am concern.
136.I honestly believe that.
137.In my opinion.
138.Personally I think.
139.I would like point out that.
140.In my experience.
141.I have observe that.
142.I am not certain that.
143.I have a mixed opinion on this.
144.I have no opinion on that matter.
145.I am busy now.
146.Are you busy?
147.Can you call me?
148.Let me go out.
149.Let me see.
150.See what’s happening.
151.Talk to me.
152.Talk to him.
153.I wake at 5 am.
154.I sleep at 10 pm.
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