100 Simple Sentences In English

100 Simple Sentences in English: Today we will learn 100 Simple English Sentences. By knowing these you will be able to speak English fluently. These sentences are used every day while speaking English. You can use them everywhere.

Simple Sentence Examples

100 Simple Sentences in English

1I’m fine.
2I played tennis.
3He lies.
4I’m just joking.
5I did my work.
6You’re screaming.
7He is famous.
8John is tired.
9Stand over there.
10Come with me.
11I’ve lost my keys.
12Try hard.
13I’m only joking.
14Is John home?
15Please sit here.
16Who are we?
17I’m John’s wife.
18Can I have my keys?
19I can beat you.
20I can’t say exactly.
21It’s time to go.
22Don’t shout.
23He has left me.
24I just ate.
25Look who’s here.

Daily Use English Sentences

100 Simple Sentences in English

26He is hurt.
27We’re here, too.
29These are John’s.
30It’s late.
31Everybody saw it
32Have fun.
33Do you eat meat?
34He yawned.
35Go back inside.
36I have won. (ওয়ান)
37John was wounded.
39I like astrology.
40He spoke.
41Your time is up.
42Fill it up.
43Listen carefully.
44What’s this?
45How much is that?
46I promised.
47They’re children.
48My head aches.
49I saw him running.
50I was outside.

Daily Use Sentence

100 Simple Sentences in English

51It’s not mine.
52Do you understand?
53Did you speak?
54Why me?
55I can manage it.
56It’s 7:45.
57I haven’t eaten.
58I feel fine.
59I didn’t listen.
60I know.
61I was negligent.
62You run.
63John is nearby.
64See you later.
65Somebody came.
66We agree.
67Sit down there.
68Everyone was happy.
69It’s hot today.
70Don’t stand.
71I’ll stay close.
72I’m wet.
73Is anybody here?
74I’m Tom.
75They’re inside.

Sentences Used In Daily Life

100 Simple Sentences in English

76I want the blanket.
77He swims well.
78What fun!
79We have to try.
80I’m a woman.
81Are you doctors?
82Who’ll drive?
83He went outside.
84My arm hurts.
85They all screamed.
86It may snow.
87Cut your nails.
88He is very pious.
89Was John there?
90I’ll be late.
91I’m quite hungry.
92Is he well?
93How should I know?
94We’re shy.
95Were you there?
96May I take a photo?
97Ask again later.
98I understand.
99I am only joking.
100John knew.
101What is going on?
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