100 English Sentences for Regular Use

100 English Sentences for Regular Use: Do you want to speak English fluently? So memorize the sentences I will teach you today. Or if you are just starting to learn English, then definitely learn these sentences. Only then will you learn to speak English faster. Because it is not possible to speak English without sentences. New English learners also make mistakes in English sentence formation in the beginning. So by learning these types of sentences you will learn how to make sentences.

Sentences You can use Everyday

100 English Sentences for Regular Use

1Come to the point.
2How foolish!
3Oh! come on.
4When did you come?
5Good riddance! 
6It’s too late now.
7Think and speak.
8Get it repaired. Repair it. Fix it.
9It doesn’t matter.
10The judgment was postponed. 
11Your turn.
12Do you go to France often?
13I can eat Italian food.
14See him off.
15Where is he?
16Allow me.
17He is a painter.
18Look out!
19Wake Up.
20Do you have any children?
21I cut the cake into four pieces.
22Shame on you.
23Who are you to teach me?
24Do you understand?
25I don’t agree with you.

100 Spoken English Sentences

100 English Sentences for Regular Use

26She is standing in front of me.
27Who did it?
28Don’t be lazy.
29I have no choice.
30She plays piano.
31Who is that man?
32Can you help me?
33Hold my finger.
34Need anything else?
35What to study?
36Don’t call me again?
37I left the company in June 2019.
38Show me.
39Why are you so late?
40Don’t favor me.
41I like football. I love football.
42Speak slowly and clearly.
43Why are you worried?
44Don’t open your book.
45I lost my mobile.
46Speak the truth.
47You are very bad.
48He did it tactfully.
49Leave it to me.
50Use your brain.

Sentences used in Daily life

100 English Sentences for Regular Use

51Have faith in God.
52It’s a pleasure for me.
53Try it again.
54Can you swim?
55How do I use this?
56Not now.
57What’s that?
58Chew food properly.
59How foolish!
60Nowadays there is fever in every house.
61When did you buy it?
62How do I get to the Star Hotel?
63He does not walk fast.
64Let me in.
65Very well, thank you.
66Are you coming?
67He slapped me.
68Looks like hawker is coming.
69What do you want?
70Did you like the movie?
71I am not scared. I’m not afraid.
72Once more.
73When did you go to sleep?
74Are you happy now?
75He wants to know when you’re coming. 

100 Daily use English Sentences

76May I speak to you?
77What does it mean?
78Call them.
79His family lives in London.
80Move aside.
81What is your father?
82Give me.
83It’s done.
84The police are after the thief.
85A long time ago.
86He has guts.
87Let’s play a game.
88Wait here.
89Everyone knows it.
90It can’t happen.
91Take off your shoes.
92You have a lot of things to do.
93Behave yourself.
94He will win.
95Mend yourself.  
96What is the daily rent?
97Don’t talk!
98I’m waiting for you.
99Take bath.
100You don’t know how to deal with people.
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