100 Most Common Questions in English

100 Most Common Questions in English:

1. Are you tired?
2. Are you sure?
3. Are you lost?
4. Are you hungry?
5. Are you serious?
6. Are you a doctor?
7. Are you new here?
8. Are you able to swim?
9. Are you in a hurry?
10. Are you ready to go?

11. Can you come?
12. Can I eat this?
13. Can I help you?
14. Can you find it?
15. Can you handle it?
16. Can I see that one?
17. Can you answer this?
18. Can I turn on the TV?
19. Can I turn off the TV?
20. Can you play the piano?

21. Could I help you?
22. Could I change rooms?
23. Could I use your desk?
24. Could you repeat that?
25. Could I borrow a pencil?
26. Could I park my car here?
27. Could you do me a favor?
28. Could you tell me the way?

29. Do you hear me?
30. Do you know her?
31. Do you like snow?
32. Do you have a car?
33. Do you want money?
34. Do you drink coffee?
35. Do you want a ride?
36. Do you have a fever?
37. Do you know the reason?
38. Do you like to travel?

Common Questions in Spoken English

100 Most Common Questions in English:

39. How long will it take?
40. How should I know?
41. How did you make it?
42. How’s your cold?
43. How is Mary?
44. How is your dad?
45. How about a cup of tea?
46. How long is that bridge?

47. Is anybody home?
48. Is everything OK?
49. Is he a teacher?
50. Is he still here?
51. Is it free?
52. Is she at home?
53. Is she your sister?
54. Is something wrong?
55. Is that answer right?
56. Is that true?
57. Is this your bike?

58. May I help you?
59. May I open a can?
60. May I put it here?
61. May I take a rest?
62. May I pay by check?
63. May I come in?
64. May I sit next to you?
65. May I speak to Bill?
66. May I speak to you?

67. Was I wrong?
68. Was the movie good?
69. Was the book interesting?
70. Was he lying on his back?
71. Was he at home yesterday?
72. Was there a lot of traffic?

Questions that you can use Everyday

100 Most Common Questions in English:

73. What did the doctor say?
74. What is going on?
75. What is in the desk?
76. What is on the desk?
77. What is over there?
78. What is that?
79. What is the problem?
80. What is the story?
81. What time is it?
82. What’s the bus fare?
83. What’s the matter?

84. Where is my book?
85. Where is my watch?
86. Where is the pain?
87. Where is your room?
88. Where’s the museum?

89. Who broke the vase?
90. Who is he?
91. Who is next?
92. Who is that boy?
93. Who is that man?

94. Whose is this?
95. Whose turn is it?
96. Whose friend is he?
97. Whose pencil is this?
98. Whose turn is it next?
99. Whose car is that?

100. Would you like to come?
101. Would you like to go?
102. Would you like to wait?

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