Spoken English Sentences + Questions & Answers

Spoken English Sentences: The post is presenting Spoken English Sentences for beginners valuable information but also try to cover the following subject:
-English sentences to use everyday
English speaking sentences
-Common English questions and answers

Today we will learn more than 80 selected Spoken English Sentences. You can use these sentences everywhere. These sentences are very common. Because these sentences are used too much when speaking English. So, if you learn these sentences you will be able to speak English very quickly. Moreover, you can create many new sentences from these sentences. With this we will learn some common English question and answer. We will also learn how to answer the questions. So, let’s start today’s lesson –

Spoken English Sentences for daily use

♦ You have too many books.

♦ I’ve forgotten your name.

♦ I will buy this thing too.

♦ I want to buy a house.

♦ Go straight ahead.

♦ I lost my mobile.

♦ I’m going to leave.

♦ I’m busy just now.

♦ They’re very busy.

♦ Please sit down.

♦ I’m a stranger here.

♦ My car isn’t working.

♦ Sorry, it’s all my fault.

♦ Nobody is helping us.

♦ I’ll be busy tomorrow.

♦ A strong wind blowing.

♦ The car is very expensive.

♦ The key is on top of the table.

Spoken English Sentences Everyday

♦ We don’t accept credit cards.

♦ I’m sorry to be late again.

♦ The book is on the table.

♦ Please fill out this form.

♦ I won’t mention it again.

♦ Don’t forget to call me.

♦ That smells bad.

♦ He is waiting for me.

♦ I’m sorry to interrupt you.

♦ He never gives me anything.

♦ I can’t express how sorry I am.

♦ I do not understand your words.

♦ I’m sorry to have kept you waiting.

♦ Sorry, I’m calling the wrong number.

Spoken English Sentences + Question and Answer

Now we will learn some Spoken English sentences with questions and answers. From which we will learn how to ask questions in English. To speak English, you must learn how to ask questions in English. Only then you will learn to speak English quickly. And you can make your conversation much longer.

Spoken English sentences + Questions and Answers

Basic English questions and answers

When do we leave?
– We’ll go a little later.

Where do you live?
– I live in Paris.

Which is better?
– It’s the best.

How are you today?
– I’m much better today.

How is business?
– Not very good.

What did you say?
– I didn’t say anything.

Is there a bank nearby?
– Yes, there is.

What is it?
– It’s a chicken salad.

What is the date today?
– Today is the 18th.

When will they come?
– They will come at night.

Will you go by plane or train?
– I will go by plane.

Do you have a car?
– We have two cars.

What are your hobbies?
– I love to play the piano.

What is that?
– That’s a temple.

Do you know what this means?
– No, I don’t know.

Spoken English Questions and Answers

Are you working Tomorrow?
– No, I’ll take leave tomorrow.

How long have you been here?
– I’ll stay here for a month.

Is the battery connected correctly?
– Yes, it is connected properly.

Can I see your passport please?
– Yes, of course.

Do you want me to come and pick you up?
– No, you don’t have to come.

Would you please spell your name?
– Yes, of course.

What are you two talking about?
– We’re talking about college.

Where did you work before?
– No, I didn’t work anywhere.

Which is better chicken or fish?
– I like fish more.

Can you please say that again?
– Yes, I say again.

Do you work in a drug store?
– No, I work in a bank.

Could you exchange this, please?
– No, your time is up.

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