60 English sentences used in daily life

60 English sentences used in daily life

This post is all about 60 English sentences used in daily life information but also try to cover the following subject:
Most common questions and answers
English Speaking Practice
Daily use English sentences

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Learn to speak fluent English from today. For this you have to learn many short sentences and with that you have to learn small questions. Learn to answer English quickly when someone asks you a question. Today I will share with you some sentences and questions and answers that will be useful every day. If you learn these, you will be able to speak English fluently. So let’s get started –

Most common questions and answers

What do you want to take?
I’d like to take a mobile.

➤ What does your father do?
My father is a businessman.

➤ When did this happen?
It happened yesterday morning.

➤ Where did you learn it?
I learned it from school.

➤ Where’s the pharmacy?
Across the street.

➤ Are you sick?
No, I’m fine.

➤ Will you give me a receipt?
Yes, but it will be a little late.

➤ Will you give me the book?
No, I’m reading now.

➤ Do you have any vacancies?
No, there is no vacancies.

➤ Do you know her?
No, I don’t know her.

➤ Do you think it’s going to rain tomorrow?
Yes, it looks like it will rain.

➤ How long have you worked here?
I worked here for a month.

➤ How old are you?
Twenty-five years.

➤ Is he an American?
No, he is Brazilian.

Daily use English sentences

So far we have learned some questions and answers. Now let’s learn some short sentences that will be useful every day. These will teach you to speak English quickly –

  1. Give me round trip ticket.
  2. He is planning to come next month.
  3. He is in front of the door.
  4. It looks old.
  5. I didn’t hear clearly.
  6. Please come in.
  7. No, this is the first time.
  8. More than that.
  9. It’s very cold today.
  10. It will be cold tonight.
  11. Is everything okay?
  12. Is everything alright?
  13. I am unmarried. I’m single.
  14. From here to there.
  15. He has a very nice bike.
  16. He’s right.
  17. His room is very small.
  18. I don’t mind.
  19. I was not there.
  20. I like it.
  21. It tastes pretty good.
  22. I’d like a table near the window.
  23. I’ll come back later.
  24. I’m coming right now.
  25. I’m going home in two days.
  26. It takes about one hour by car.
  27. Here it is.
  28. Pick up your clothes.
  29. He’s older than me.
  30. That car over there is mine.
  31. The book is behind the table.
  32. Who broke the window?
  33. Can I open the window?
  34. I shave every morning.
  35. Study English every day.

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