100 Sentences Used in Daily life

100 Sentences Used in Daily life: Today we will learn 100 short sentences that will help you to speak English faster. If you don’t know these, you can’t speak English. To speak fluent English, you need to know the sentences. Because these sentences are used every day when speaking English. By practicing these sentences you will be able to speak English fluently. Moreover, with these sentences, you can create many more sentences by yourself. So let’s start today’s class-

Daily use Spoken English Sentences

100 Sentences Used in Daily life:

1How should I know?
2He tries.
3Was John here?
4They yelled.
5I have one.
6My father is busy.
7Keep John inside.
8Do you know who she is?
9He ran.
10I’ll get lonely.
11I am not thirsty.
12Who are you?
13He ate.
14What’s that?
15Let’s go.
16John is stuck.
17That is mine.
18I’m full.
19Go back inside.
20I’ll be back later.
21Read this first.
22Do you understand?
23Help us.
24Who knows?
25Who is he?
26Go over there.
27Hold your tongue.
28How old is that?
29That’s my sister.
30I have a dry cough.

Daily use English Sentences

100 Sentences Used in Daily life:

31I don’t care.
32I can run.
33I just ate.
34We love coffee.
35Anybody will do.
36It looked fresh.
37He was inside.
38Look at these.
39My shoulder hurts.
40Who cut the cake?
41Follow John.
42I watch television.
43Everyone agrees.
44I wanted this.
45I’m not arguing.
46John was inside.
47Birds sing.
48I’m ready to begin.
49Send me there.
50It may snow.
51I will fight.
52Who stole the apple?
53Everyone screamed.
54John is yelling.
55What do bees eat?
56Go and see who it is.
57I’m quite hungry.
58Let’s ask.
59Who came?
60That’s mine.

English Sentences for conversation

61Is she well?
62My father is in.
63My father smokes.
64I’m a detective.
65I felt that.
67Cut your nails.
68I didn’t have it.
69John eats too fast.
70John recovered.
71I want more.
72John’s dreaming.
73Speak clearly.
74Jon is screaming.
75Where do you live?
76John brought this.
77I love football.
78She’s my daughter.
79John has seen it.
80See below.
81We’re different.
82She walks.
83Is everything okay?
84I eat meat.
85I need a minute.
86I can dance.
87I went, too.
88Who is next?
89I heard a scream.
90We are doctors.
91John yawned.
92I need help.
93I wasn’t alone.
94John jumped.
95Watch this.
96Who is she?
97I’m 17, too.
98Are those yours?
99I went aboard.
100We love coffee.
101This is my mother.
102Is he a doctor?
103This isn’t mine.
104My head aches.
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