50 Useful Sentences For Daily Use

50 Useful Sentences For Daily Use

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Today we will learn some sentences. They have to be used every day to speak English. These sentences will help you speak English fluently. With this we will learn some small questions. Because if you want to speak English, you also have to learn to ask questions. So let’s get started –

Useful Sentences For Daily Use

  1. Forget it.
  2. He doesn’t look like a doctor.
  3. He hasn’t come yet.
  4. His family is coming tomorrow.
  5. How much do you want to take?
  6. I don’t like it.
  7. I have two brothers.
  8. I like her.
  9. I think I need to go to the doctor.
  10. I’d like a single room.
  11. I’ll call you when I go.
  12. I’m feeling cold.
  13. I’m getting ready to go out.
  14. I’m ready.
  15. It has rained heavily today.
  16. It’s all right.
  17. It may rain tomorrow.
  18. No problem.
  19. Over there.
  20. He’s going with me tomorrow.
  21. Someone is coming.
  22. This phone is similar to my phone.
    This phone is just like my phone.
  23. They take 100 dollars per day.
  24. I have two boys and one girl.
  25. A few.
  26. Please give me the pen.
  27. He’s faster than me.
  28. He’s very famous.
  29. I don’t know how to use it.
  30. He has three children, two girls and one boy.
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Daily use Questions in English:

  1. How long have you been here?
  2. Is John there please?
  3. May I speak to John please?
  4. The big one or the small one?
  5. Were you at the library last night?
  6. What does this mean?
  7. What would you like to drink?
  8. When will you pick up them?
  9. Where are you?
  10. Where did it happen?
  11. Where is the nearest ATM?
    Where’s the closest ATM?
  12. Are you hungry?
  13. Can I access the Internet here?
  14. Would you repeat that please?
    Would you please tell me again?
  15. Do you have more?
  16. Do you have enough money?
  17. Do you speak English?
  18. Have you seen this movie?
  19. How long does it take to get to London?
  20. How much money do you have?

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