40 Daily Use Common English Sentences

Today I’ll share with you a little tip, by which you can easily learn English. You can learn to speak fluent English at home. How to learn English fast at home? You need to learn a few short and easy sentences. They are used very much in your home or office. Means that they are very common, or we can say that these sentences are very important to us.

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40 Most Common English Sentences

As your father might ask you-
1. Why don’t you go to office?
In answer to this you can say-
2. Because, I’m feeling sick.
Or you can say-
3. Today I am feeling feverish.

So try to answer in short sentences like this. It will be much easier to learn English. And you can easily remember everything. When we think of something as simple, we are more interested in learning it, or our enthusiasm increases.

Many times our parents are asked – such sentences:

4. Who does your daughter look like?
5. She looks like me.
Or you can say-
6. She looks a bit like her father.

School teachers or parents ask us –
7. What do you want to be?
You might say –
8. I want to be a police.

They may ask again –
9. Why do you want to be a policeman?
10. I want to serve people.

So learn such short sentences which will help you speak English faster.
11. What kind of music do you like?
12. I like classical music.

13. How does the coffee taste?
14. No, I don’t like it at all.
Or you can say-
15. I like it very much.

16. How many members in your home?
17. There are 6 members in our family.

18. Do you want to talk to someone?
19. I would like to talk to Mom a little.

20. When do you go to sleep?
21. I go to sleep at 10 o’clock.
Or you can say-
22. I go to bed at ten pm.

23. How much water do you drink in a day?
24. I drink 2 to 3 liters of water a day.

All of us are always asked a common question. That is –
25. What does your father do?
26. What is your father?
Both sentences have the same meaning.

27. How does your father go to work?
28. He goes to the office by bus.

29. What does your mother do at home?
30. She cooks for everyone.

31. How old is your house?
32. The age of the house is 10 years.

33. How much does your flat cost?
34. It would be like 20 lakhs.

35. Do you know how to drive?
36. Yes, I have a driving license.
37. Then you know how to drive a car.

38. When does he call you?
He calls me every day.
Or you can say-
39. He calls me every night at 10 pm.

40. Why do you love him so much?
41. Because he does everything what I say.

42. When did you have your breakfast?
43. I had breakfast about 5 minutes ago.

Practice the sentences you learned today, practice this at home or with friends. Because these sentences will help you learn or say many more things. Many people think that for speaking English, you need to learn English grammar first. Then something else. But I say – first learn the short sentences and try to use them when you have the time. In addition, you can learn English grammar. But if you do not practice English, you can never speak English well. That is no matter how good you in English grammar.

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