40 Daily Use English Sentences & Phrases

Today I will teach you some English sentences for daily use that you will learn to speak English very quickly. It will be very useful for those who are beginning to learn new English and who want to speak English. They will quickly learn to speak English. These are very simple but very useful things. You can easily remember these. And can be used everywhere when speaking English. 

Move over

You should know ‘Move over’ is a Phrasal Verb and it will use a lot when you speak English.

For example –

01. Will you please move over?
02. Move over a little, so I can get inside.
03. Move over and let me drive.

04. Move a bit
05. Your move
06. Your turn


07. Is anything left?
08. Is there anything left?
09. Need anything?
10. Need something?
11. I don’t know anything.

Daily Use English Sentences

12. He is not in.
13. He is not inside.
14. I don’t mind.
15. I don’t need.
16. I don’t remember.
17. Not ready yet.
18. The thing not ready yet.
19. Not ready yet.
20. Not now.
21. Not yet.
22. Don’t lose hope.
23. Don’t hate her.
24. Don’t let go.
25. Don’t believe.
26. Don’t leave it.
27. Don’t walk alone.
28. Don’t waste.

29. I’m not rich.
30. I’m not going.
31. It’s not true.
32. Is anybody home?
33. Don’t oppose.
34. Be positive.
35. It’s unfair.
36. Don’t be jealous.
37. It’s over.
38. It’s all over. All finished.
39. Do it now.
40. The Phone rang.
41. Pick up
42. Give a ring.
43. Mix the sugar.

Hope these sentences help you a lot to learn and speak English. Because in our daily life such sentences are used all the time. They are very simple and easy to remember. These are very simple and easy to remember. So try to use such sentences when talking to friends from now on. Only then can you speak English quickly.

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