Learn Spoken English sentences

Learn Spoken English sentences: Today we will learn 50 Daily use sentences. You can use these sentences everywhere. These sentences will help you a lot to speak English. If you want to speak English fluently, you need to know many sentences. These sentences are very simple and you can use them in your daily life. Learning these sentences will improve your English a lot. So let’s start today’s lesson –

Spoken English sentences for Beginners

Learn Spoken English sentences:

What is the problem?
Give it to her.
I know what to do.
I want a piece of candy.
Can I turn on the TV?
I want to sleep.
I told him to come.
I am afraid of bears.
I paid him the money.
I’m able to swim.
Are you ready to go?
I don’t like any of them.
How about a cup of tea?
I am near the station.
Don’t drink and drive.
We must go to school.
He is fond of swimming.

English Sentences You Can Use Everyday

Learn Spoken English sentences:

Beware of the dog!
It’s the third of October.
I can’t think of his name.
The car is very fast.
Let’s go to a movie.
Where is the station?
Nobody speaks to me.
I’m busy at the moment.
You and I are the same age.
He’s afraid of the sea.
He likes bread and butter.
Did you finish the job?
Speak slowly and clearly.
The sky is full of stars.
You may take the book.
Please sit here and wait.
The train has arrived.

Daily use English sentences

Tom and I are friends.
Please close the door.
I tried again and again.
May I sit next to you?
He got a lot of money.
Let’s get off the bus.
He can read and write.
Do you like to travel?
How deep is the lake?
I have to go now.
May I speak to you?
Please shut the door.
I am afraid to go.
I’m trying to sleep.
All the eggs went bad.
Go and see who it is.
I’d like to watch TV.
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