40 Daily use Short Sentences for Beginners

Today I will teach some simple English short sentences which you will use every day. That you can use at home or anywhere. You can teach your children at home if you want. They are so easy that anyone can learn at a time. Knowing this, you and your children at home will gradually learn to speak English fluently. So today let’s all learn to speak English together –

Daily use Sentences 01-20

  • How are you?
  • I’m good.
  • Take a chance
  • Stand by me
  • Spend money
  • At that time
  • At that time he was very busy.
  • Thank him
  • Don’t tickle
  • However, it was very good.
  • Type this
  • Excuse us
  • Walk faster
  • Assist me
  • Enter the password
  • Pour the tea
  • Stop him
  • Stop that
  • Find out
  • Lock the door

Daily use Sentences 21-42

  • What’s the truth?
  • Obey the rules
  • Where to go?
  • What to do?
  • Which to take?
  • Which one to take?
  • Serve this
  • Don’t whisper
  • See you again
  • Don’t ruin
  • Feed the dog
  • Fill the bottle
  • Take that down
  • Apply your mind
  • Show something else
  • Accept this
  • Take this
  • Come on time
  • Do the work
  • Don’t tell others
  • Send someone
  • Hold this

I shared some very simple Phrases and short sentences with you. This will definitely help those who are learning new English. Spoken English does not always require big sentences. Short sentences or Phrase are very important for us to know. If not, you can never speak fluently English at all.

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