Connectors in English grammar

Today we will learn to use some connectors in English grammar. Using connectors in sentences makes sentences much easier; moreover it is very easy to make big sentences. There are many connectors in English but today I will teach you how to use some selected connectors. The function of the connector is to add one sentence to another. If you learn these well, you can easily make big sentences yourself.

List of Connectors in English grammar

Even though –
I like her even though she is annoying.
We lost the game even though everyone played well.

While –
Try to stay alert while driving at night.
Don’t talk about business while we are dining.

When –
It’s hard sailing when there is no wind.
The poor are rich when they are satisfied.
All are brave when the enemy flies.
Sunday is the only day when I can relax.

So that –
It is too late so that I cannot go to office.
I will go to America so that I can learn English.
She is too young so that she cannot smoke.

Once –
Once I start I must continue.
He comes to see us once a week.
Once upon a time there was a princess…

After –
I felt well after taking the medicine.
I am feeling tired after a long walk.

Unless –
You will fail unless you work hard.
Don’t call me unless it’s a real emergency.

Connectors in English grammar with examples

Since –
Since I see you, I am better.
She’s lived there since before the war.

Whether –
I wasn’t sure whether you’d like it.
Ask him whether he can come or not.

Whereas –
Wise men love truth, whereas fools shun it.
Some praise him, whereas others condemn him.

Even if –
We will go even if it rains.
Try your best, even if the task seems difficult

Because –
He cried because he had lost everything.
Don’t say sorry because I never mind.

Rather than –
I prefer tea rather than coffee.
I chose to learn English rather than French.

Before –
Learn to walk before you run.
Hear twice before you speak once.

Wherever –
I will follow you wherever you go.

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