50 Simple English Sentences You Must Know

Today I will share 50 simple English sentences that you must know. These sentences are very useful in our daily lives. One of the easiest ways to learn English First you start to learn English with short sentences. So you can learn the structure of sentences. As well as you can learn vocabulary. So you learned a word and also learned how to use it. That means it will work like 2 in 1 and you would love to learn. Plus, you can use sentences in your daily life and I think this is the best way to learn English.

50 very short sentences

Today, I will give 50 very short sentences for learning English. It is very helpful for you at the beginner level. You can learn English easily without fear and any hesitations. Learning English is very difficult for some people but I hope it will help them a lot.

Have a lot of time.

Won’t you wait?
Sorry I have some urgent work.

What will you cook tonight?
I’m thinking I’ll make Biryani.

Help yourself, please.

What is the weather like?
It looks like it will rain.

Give me some tea.
Bring a plate for me.
That’ll suit me perfectly.
I feel very thirsty.

Won’t you come and have some tea with me?
Not today, any other day.

This way please.
There you are!

Will you have some cake?
Sorry, I don’t like cakes.

What’s the matter with it?
Looks like it’s not working.

What shall we do next?
Now we can go to the market.

That’s all.
There he goes.
That’s better.
That won’t do.

What’s the time?
It’s seven o’clock.

What did you say?
I said, it’s 4 o’clock now.

What’s the matter?
No, nothing happened.

Learn some simple questions

What’s it like?
What happened?
What’s that?
Why trouble?
Why not?
Which way?
Which one?

Let's learn some more simple sentences:

Very good.
Very likely.
Clear the table.
Well now.
Well, what about it?
What’s the matter with you?
Won’t you sit down?
Well, I am surprised.
Why, certainly!
Very well.
Well, well.
Well, then.
Very well and thank you.
Well, it’s like this.
Have enough time.
Very likely not.
That’s right.
Yes, it’s all right.
Yes, I think so.
Yes, got it.

Why you can't speak English

Today’s lesson is for those who can’t speak English at all. There are many reasons why you can’t speak English. To speak English, first of all you need to overcome fear and shame so that you can speak fluent English. If you have an hour, keep doing it regularly. This regular practice is to teach you to speak English fluently one day.

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