65 Common questions for beginners

65 common questions 1-30:

Who is playing the guitar?
Has he failed again?
What do you want?
Did you see him go out?
Are you free tonight?
What do you need?
Could you repeat that?
Are you all right?
Where will we meet?
Has he arrived already?
Can you come?
Why are you looking so sad?
How about tomorrow?
Where do you live?
Do you want money?
Can you answer this?
Where can I get a taxi?
Do you like snow?
Can I see that one?
When will they arrive?
Do you like snow?
Can I eat this?
Will you go by train?
May I use your pen?
When is school over?
Do you like cooking?
Are you studying English? 
When did you buy it?
Do you know who they are? 
Are you ready to go out?

Daily use Common Questions

65 common questions 31-65:

When can we eat?
Do you drink coffee?
Are you ready for the trip? 
What will you do on Friday?
Didn’t you go out?
Are you proud of your father? 
What is over there?
Did you speak at all?
Are you good at cooking?
Will you please help me?
What are the symptoms? 
Would you like to wait?
What are you cooking? 
Who left the door open?
Has something happened?
Why do you ask?
How is your dad?
Which of them is your brother?
Has he come yet?
Can you help me?
Why do you lie?
How long will it take?
Will she come?
May I borrow your car?
What do you want to do?
Could you tell me the way?
Are you free tomorrow?
Why are you busy today? 
How about a cup of tea?
What are you trying to do? 
Could I park my car here?
Are you afraid of the dark?
Will it rain tomorrow?
Is this your bike?
What are you reading?
Can’t you speak English?
Are they all the same?
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