How to use let? Basic English Grammar

There are many who cannot use Let in English grammar. So today we will learn when and how to use Let in English. We use Let when we tell someone that –

Let me see.
Let me go there.
Let me play football.

Let is used in English to allow or take permission someone to do something. Let is used to allow someone to do something and the verb after let must be simple form.

How to use let in English grammar Basic English Grammar

Let + me + Present form of Verb + object

Learn with examples –
Let me write the letter.
# Here asking the permission to write letter.
# Verb is in Present form

Correct use of Let in English

Let me go.
Let me see.
Let me go there.
Let me do the work.
Let me play football.
Let me read the book.
Let me have some food.

Learn how to use let's:

When we work together or do something with someone, we use let’s instead of let.
Let’s – Let us
But there is an implicit permission in these sentences.

➤ Let’s make a new thing.
# I am not alone in this sentence, there is someone else with me. That’s why I use Let’s in this example.

Let’s go home.
Let’s go for a walk.
Let’s have some fun.
Let’s go to the party.
Let’s go to the garden.

In a word, let is used to allow someone to do something.
Let’s learn some more examples so that we can learn better and have no problem while speaking English.

Correct use of Let & Let's

Let me check this.
Let me assist you.
Let me catch the ball.
Let me complete the story.
Let me observe the weather.
Let me finish the home work.
Let me ask him some question.

Let’s help the poor man.
Let’s arrange a meeting.
Let’s meet the chairman.
Let’s go to the restaurant.
Let’s do the work together.

Hopefully I’ve been able to teach you how to use Let and Let’s. Now you can easily use them anywhere. But practice the sentences you learned today again and again and try to use them in your real life while speaking English. Only then your English will improve.

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