40 Daily Use English Verbs

Today we will learn some verbs that will help us to speak English. Commonly used Verbs or most common verbs in English for daily use

01. Hesitate
to pause before you do or say something

Don’t hesitate to ask.
Please don’t hesitate to call.
Never hesitate to tell the truth.
I hesitated about which road to take.

02. Assemble
– to come together in a single place or
  to make something by joining separate parts together

For example:
We assemble in the theater hall after office.
This bookcase is easy to assemble.

03. Invent
– To examine a crime or problem, especially to discover the truth

We’ll investigate the matter.
I’m going to investigate this case.

04. Promote
– to raise someone to a higher position

My father was promoted to president.
He was promoted three times in one year.

05. Progress
– To improve in skills and knowledge

The work progressed smoothly.
She is progressing in English.

06. Distrust
– to not trust someone or something

I’ve always distrusted him.

If you can think or learn everything in this way, including examples, then you will never face any problem any more. Let’s learn something more verbs like this, so that we can learn English quickly or speak fluent English. Try to remember well the examples I am using today. It will be very useful for you when you try to speak English.

Learn More Useful Verbs in English

07. Utter
– to say something with your voice

She uttered a scream of terror.

08. Insult
– to say or do something to someone that is rude or offensive

Don’t insult me.

09. Purchase
I purchased one bag.

10. Separate
divide into parts

They were separated into two groups.

11. Climb
Bears can climb trees.

12. Begin
May I begin to eat?

13. Attack
I didn’t attack him.

14. Invade
– to enter a country by force with large numbers of soldiers in order to take possession of it

Hitler invaded Poland in 1939.

15. Discover
– Especially for the first time finding information, a place, or an object

I discovered the truth.

16. Invite
– Asking someone to go to an event

Did you invite him?

17. Hope
I hope your wish will come true.

18. Despair
– to lose hope or be without hope:

Don’t despair.

19. Discuss
– to talk about something to other people, often exchanging ideas or opinions:

We can discuss this later.

20. Strike
There is a strike.

21. Hit
He was hit by a car.

22. Hurt
You can’t hurt me.

23. Glorify
He will glorify me.

24. Delight
She was very delighted with my gift.

25. Wish
Do you wish to go?

26. Feel
I can feel it.

27. Act
He acts quickly.

28. Identify
They can’t be identified yet.

29. Darken
Never darken my door again!

30. Imitate
– to copy someone’s speech or behavior

The children tried to imitate their teacher.

31. Present
He presented his card.

32. Feel
I feel nauseous.

33. Build
He built a new house.

34. Wait
Please wait here.

35. Tremble
Her voice trembled with rage.

36. Shake
Let’s shake on it.

37. Weep
She wept at the news.

38. Feed
I feed my dog twice a day.

39. Dig
They dig a small hole in the sand.

40. Enquire
I must enquire further into this matter.

Today I gave you more than 40 verbs; I hope it will work for you. These verbs are very useful when speaking English. That means they are used a lot when we speak English. If you can remember these, you’ll learn English very quickly. There are many more verbs like this I will try to share with you.

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