How to use Whoever Whatever Whichever

Learn more about Whoever Whatever Whichever & more : Today we will learn wh + ever, if we add ‘ever’ to ‘wh, then what will happen?
We know – ‘Wh word’ is called question word. Because we use ‘Wh word’ to know a lot of information about a person or an object. More over ‘Wh word’ helps us to ask questions. For example –

Who – Used to know about a person
What – used to ask for information about people or things
Which – used to choice something
When – Used to know about time
Where – Used to know about Place
How – used to ask about the condition or quality of something.

These are all ‘wh word’. Now if we add ‘ever’ to them then their meaning is like this.
For example –

Wh + Ever

Who + ever = Whoever it means Anyone
What + ever = whatever it means anything
Which + ever = whichever it means also anything
When + ever = whenever it means anytime
Where + ever = wherever it means Anywhere / Everywhere
How + ever = however it means anyway

Let us now learn these words with some examples so that we have the benefit of learning or understanding. And also we can use them very easily in our daily life.

Whoever – it means 'Anyone'

Whoever wants the book?
Or You can say –
Anyone can ask for the book?

Whoever wins the election?
Or You can say –
Anyone can win the election.

I’ll take whoever wants to go.
Whoever says that is a liar.
Whoever is responsible for this will be punished.
Whoever does best will get the prize.

We can also use ‘Whomever’ instead of ‘Whoever’. There is no change in the meaning.

Whomever – it means 'to anyone at all'

However, it is important to note that ‘Whoever’ and ‘Whomever’ are used for any living thing.
For example-
You can invite whomever you like.
Here we can also use whoever. As –
You can invite whoever you like.
That means where we can use ‘whoever’ we can also use ‘whomever’. There is no change in the meaning.


‘Whichever’ can be used in any case. Whether it is Living or Non-Living.

So let’s see how to use ‘Whichever’.
You can choose whichever color you like.
Take whichever you want.
Choose whichever you like.
Choose whichever you want.

Whatever - (anything)

Whatever you have is mine.
Here we can also use ‘whatsoever’. ‘Whatever’ and ‘whatsoever’ mean the same. We can also use ‘whatsoever’ wherever we can use ‘whatever’. The word ‘whatsoever’ is often used to emphasize the sentences.

For example-
Do whatever you can.
Ask whatever you want.
That means ask anything you want to know.

Eat whatever you like.
That means eat whatever you want to eat.
Buy whatever you need.
That means buy the things you need.
I can do whatever I like.

Whatever I have is yours.
He believes whatever I say.
That means he believes everything I say.
We can do whatever we want.
Do whatever makes you happy.

Whenever - Any time

‘Whensoever’ can also be used here but it is commonly used in Formal. And use ‘Whensoever’ to emphasize the sentence. There is no difference in meaning between ‘Whenever’ and ‘Whensoever’. Both can be used.

Come whenever you like.
Or can I say-
You can come at any time.
Come whenever you want.
I can leave whenever I want.
Call me up whenever you need my help.
That means you can call anytime.
Come and see me whenever you want to.
My dog follows me whenever I leave the room.

We can stop whenever we want.
That means we can stop at any time.
I feel sick whenever I see blood.
Whenever I see you, I feel happy.

Wherever – it means (Anywhere / Everywhere)

Sit wherever you like.
Wherever you go, I will follow you.
That means I will follow you wherever you go.
I can go wherever you like.
Place it wherever you like.
I take my camera wherever I go.

However – anyway

You may act however you wish.
However, I am not a specialist.
You can do it however you like.

This was our class today. Today we learned how to use wh + ever. For example – whoever, whatever, whichever, whenever, wherever etc. We learned how to use them in spoken English. I tried to teach simple sentences so that you could understand them very easily. I hope you use these words from today.

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