Small Sentences for Kids

Spoken English Sentences for Kids – The sentences are very short but very useful. These sentences you can use everywhere from office to home. These short sentences will help you speak English faster. In addition, if you have a young child in your home, you can teach him English or you can practice English with him. This will improve your English.

01. Don’t ask
Many times children ask various types of questions. Then you can use it. But in my opinion, if the child asks a question, you should answer it if you know the answer.

02. Ask me

03. Speak up
You can use it when children are talking softly while reading.

A lot of times kids scream out loud, and then say –
04. Speak softly.
05. Speak slowly
06. Don’t shout
07. Keep quiet
08. Stop talking
09. A little louder

Sentences for Kids

When children sit down to read, you can use these words –
10. Don’t mumble
11. Don’t cry again
12. Do so
13. Use your mind
14. Think about it.
15. Watch carefully!
16. Study here
17. Hold the line
18. Try again
19. Sit up straight

Meal time sentences

You can say these at meal time –
20. Have food
21. Have water
22. Eat slowly
23. Chew well.
24. Have your breakfast

Daily use sentences

Let’s learn some sentences that are useful in our daily life from morning to night –
25. Go straight
26. Don’t go
27. Get up.
28. Wake up
29. Give it back
30. Clean up
31. Wait for me
32. Walk ahead.
33. Call him
34. Walk slowly
35. Bolt the door.
36. Don’t get up.
37. Don’t tell her.
38. Stay away
39. Take any one
40. Don’t break
41. Take bath
42. Don’t peep.
43. Walk properly
44. All are gone!
45. Far from here
46. Say so
47. Don’t be shy
48. Don’t boast

All the sentences I taught you today you can use with everyone. However, if you use them more with children, then they will also learn English by listening. And you can also speak English fluently. The more you practice, the faster you will learn to speak English fluently.

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