Speak English Quickly And Confidently

Do you want to speak English quickly and confidently? ​Spoken English is very easy if you start to learn it easily. If you first assume that English is hard, then you can never speak English. If you practice regularly you can speak English.

Let’s learn something today that will teach you to speak proper English. It will help you learn to speak English as fast as you can, as well as correct minor mistakes in your English grammar. That means you can learn spoken English + grammar. Now you will learn to speak and write perfect English.

So let’s get started –
We all know about (Am, is, are). If you speak English or write, they will be useful. (Am, is, are) is a form of Be verb. When we use (Am, is, are) in the sentence, we have to assume that the sentence is Present Tense. These (Am, is, are) sometimes used as auxiliary verb or as main verb.

For example –
He is going to school.
Here “is” the helping verb.

Again this sentence is Present Continuous Tense.

The structure of the sentence is –
S + (Am, is, are) + Main Verb + ing + O.
Here the main verb is ‘go’ and we added ‘ing’ with main verb.
So this is Present Continuous Tense.
If you have any problems with Tense then you can learn about Tense.

Whatever we were discussing –
(Am, is, are) is also used as Main Verb.
For example –
We are happy.
Here ‘are’ is used as main verb.

It takes more or less 3 things in order to make a sentence.
That is – S + V + O
We can’t put a verb in the sentence wherever we want.

I – am
He, she, it – is
You, we, they – are

What are you going to do today? 
Are you free tonight?
You are a good cook. 
You are absolutely right. 
When are you busy? 
Are you finished with your work? 
Are you new here? 
Are you Japanese? 
Are you in a hurry?
What are you talking about?
Are you able to swim? 
Are you lost? 
Where are you going?
We are happy. 
My parents are old. 
I know you are rich. 
Who are you? 
There are many rats on the ship. 
Her eyes are blue. 
They are in office.
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