How to Use As in Spoken English

Learn if you want to speak English – How to use as in Spoken English?

Today we will learn how to use ‘as’. With this we will also learn how to use ‘as….as, not as…as, as much as, as many as, as well as’. Also learn 35 daily use spoken English sentences.

‘As’ is used in various ways. From English grammar to spoken English ‘As’ is used widely everywhere.
For example –


‘as…as’ is used to refer to a comparison.
I can’t walk as fast as you.
Your skin is as soft as a baby’s.

When we use ‘as’ to compare something, ‘as’ is used twice in the sentence.

Again, ‘as … as’ is used to denote something equal.
For example –
I’m as tall as John.
It’s a comparison, but both are the same. That means John is as tall as I am

Not as … As

When we use ‘not as … as’ in a sentence, it also makes sense to compare but it will not be equal.
For example –
I am not as tall as you.
I’m not as bad as John.

As much as

When we want to compare by specifying the amount, ‘as much as’ is used. But be careful here – we will only use ‘as much as’ with uncountable nouns.

For example –
Eat as much as you can.
I work as much as you.
He works as much as you.

As many as

For example –
Take as many as you want.
Take as many cookies as you want.
‘As many as’ is used with Plural Noun.

As well as

For example –
He is brave as well as loyal.
A teacher should entertain as well as teach.
He is my friend as well as my brother.
I can’t do it as well as John can.

Describe someone's purpose or something

‘As’ is used to describe someone’s purpose or something.
For example –
He works as an assistant.
I meant it as a jock.
I take him as a typist.

Use ‘As’ as a Conjunction

Again, we can use ‘As’ as a Conjunction.
He saw a tiger as he was coming from the jungle.
Here ‘as’ combines the two sentences into one.

'As' used as a cause

Again, ‘As’ can be used as a cause.
For example-
You can go first as you’re the oldest.

Let's learn some more

It was as simple as that.
I help as much as I can.
Do as I tell you.
Do as you please.
I’m not as rich as he was.
It was just as I thought.
He is not as young as John.
He’s almost as tall as me.
I can swim as well as you.
Take as much as you want to.
Try as hard as you can.

Today I tried to teach you how to use ‘as’. Hope it works for you. Try to use it from today.

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