This That These Those in English Grammar

This That These Those: Today we will learn about the use of This That These Those. We need to know first – why and where we should use them. This is a very basic level of English grammar, but still many people make mistakes in using them. So today we’re going to learn the proper use of them. Today I will teach you to use some Advance Levels so that you do not have any problems or confusion in the future.

This, That, These, Those are used to indicate the location of a person or object. It can be one person or one object, or more than one. That means they are used according to the number. It can be Singular or Plural.

Then you have to remember one more thing, that the object is near or far. There are two things you must keep in mind at all times – that is – The subject is Singular or Plural. And the subject is near or far.

That and Those” is used when an object is far away from us. However, “That” is used for Singular Number, and “Those” is used for Plural Number.


This and These” are used when an object is near us. However, “This” is used for Singular Number, and “These” is used for Plural Number.

This is a ball.
Here’s a ball and it’s close. So “This” is used here.

That is an apple.
There is also an apple but the apple is far away, so we have to use “That” here.

These are balls.
Here the balls are close but many so “these” have to be used.

Those are apples.
In this case many apples but far away so you have to use “Those”.

Then we learned –
I will use “This” when the object is near and when the object is to be one.

And if it is a Plural Number, then you have to use “These
If the object is far then “That” will be used but if it is one.
And if there is more than one, then “Those” will be used. But in this case, it has to be a Plural Number.

Hope all your confusion is gone. If you have any questions regarding this, please let me know in the comments, I will answer you.

Correct use of This That These Those in English Grammar

Used to identify a person

“This” is often used to identify a person.
This is John, he is from America.
This is Rohit Calling from Canada.

Again when we talk on the telephone we use some sentences like this.
Who is this?
This is Shyam calling from Dubai.

So here we learned that “This” is used on the telephone to know someone’s identity and to introduce oneself to someone.

“That” is also used to ask for someone’s identity on the telephone.
Is that Mac?

This That These Those - used as Pronoun

Did you know that This, That These, and Those are used as Pronoun instead of Noun.
Let’s take a look-
➤ Look at that.
Here we could say instead of “That”.
➤ Look at the moon.
Moon” is Noun, I used “That” instead of ‘moon’, so “That” is Pronoun.

Let’s look at a few more examples.
I like these.
This is very tasty.
Those are not ours.

So what we learned today is –
‘This’ and ‘That’ are used before the singular Countable Noun.
For more example –
This is a book.
That is a ball.

‘These’ and ‘Those’ are used before the Plural Noun.
These flowers are very beautiful.
Those flowers are very beautiful.

Let’s learn some sentences that are used every day –

Use of This

  • Can I eat this?
  • Listen to this!
  • Who broke this?
  • This isn’t fair.
  • Is this your bike?
  • This is delicious.
  • Can you answer this?
  • Don’t climb on this!
  • This bird can’t fly.
  • Why did this happen?
  • Do you need this book?
  • Can you sing this song?
  • How much is this dress?
  • May I use this telephone?

Use of That

  • Is that true?
  • That is mine.
  • That’s the way.
  • Let me see that.
  • That boy is smart.
  • Can I see that one?
  • What was that noise?
  • Why did she do that?
  • Don’t talk like that.
  • Is that answer right?
  • Is that a cat or a dog?
  • That’s a good question.
  • How long is that bridge?
  • How high is that mountain?

Use of These

  • These dogs are big.
  • These pearls look real.
  • These socks do not match.
  • These things aren’t mine!
  • Can you mail these for me?
  • Which of these bags is yours?
  • Can you help me wash these dishes?
  • These flowers have a unique smell.

Use of Those

  • Those are my books.
  • Those are my apples.
  • Those apples are big.
  • Those houses are big.
  • Those are my shirt.
  • Whose shoes are those?
  • Those houses are my uncle’s.
  • What did you do with those books?
  • Those were his actual words.
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