Correct use of Did in English Grammar

Correct use of Did in English How to Use Did in English grammar -02

The post is about Correct use of Did in English grammar but also try to cover the following subject:
– Daily use Sentences with Did
– Questions with Did
WH-Questions with Did
– Daily use Questions with Did
Questions and Answers with Did

If you want to speak perfect English, you have to use did. In English, did is used in many ways. If you don’t know how to use Did, you can’t speak English. But I will try to teach you the use of did very easily. Those who think that English grammar is difficult – To them it would seem too easy.

Did is the simple past form of Do.

Did is used with–
I, you, we, they, he, she, it, name

Did is used as main verb
– To emphasize sentences
– To make Interrogative Sentence
– To make Negative Sentence

I did it myself.
– Here ‘Did’ is used as a main verb.

Did you see her?
– No, I didn’t.
# So here we have learned Interrogative Sentence as well as Negative Sentence, where we have used did.

Daily use Sentences with Did

  • I did my homework.
  • I did many things last night.
  • I wonder why he did that.
  • I did not eat my lunch yet.
  • He did not go out.
  • We did a lot of singing at the party.
  • She did not say anything.
  • He did not know what to say.
  • She did her best to help him.
  • All the players did their best.
  • She did nothing but cry all day.
  • I did that without consulting anyone.
  • I’m not responsible for what he did.

Questions with Did

Questions with Did

To create an Interrogative Sentence with Did, the Sentence Structure will be as follows – Did + S + V + O + ?

  • Did you miss me?
  • Did you live here?
  • Did you invite him?
  • Did you take a bath?
  • Did he speak at all?
  • Did he go to see Mary?
  • Did he propose to you?
  • Did you get your wish?
  • Did you say something?
  • Did you finish the job?

WH-Questions with Did

If you use Wh-Word with did when creating an Interrogative sentence, then the sentence structure will be as follows –
Wh-word + did + S + V + O + ?
Let’s learn a few sentences –

  • What did he say?
  • What did you say?
  • Why did you quit?
  • What did he make?
  • Why did he run away?
  • Why did she do that?
  • Why did you come early?
  • Why did he quit his job?
  • Why did you buy a flower?
  • Why did you get so angry?

Daily use Questions with Did

  • Did you like the movie?
  • Did you see him go out?
  • Did you watch the game?
  • Did you clean your room?
  • Did you do your homework?
  • Did he look like a doctor?
  • Did he tell you the truth?
  • Did you go out last night?

Questions and Answers with Did

Where did you go?
I went to see a movie.

What did you buy?
I bought a shirt.

Who did you meet?
I met my friend.

How did you make it?
I knew how to make it.

When did you buy it?
I bought it yesterday.

Why did this happen?
I don’t know.

When did you get home?
I arrived 5 minutes ago.

How long did you stay?
I was there for an hour.

Who did you meet there?
I met my mother there.

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