100 Short Sentences for Daily Use

100 Short Sentences for Daily Use: Can’t speak English even if you try hard? Then today’s class will help you speak English faster. Today I will teach you 100 selected English phrases that you can use everywhere when speaking English. These sentences are very simple but frequently used in Spoken English. So you must learn them.

100 Spoken English Sentences

100 Short Sentences for Daily Use:

1.I was sleeping.
2.I need an answer.
3.It’s our duty.
4.I am going.
5.You first.
6.How are you?
7.I am with you.
8.Open the lid.
9.How absurd!
10.So kind of you. 
11.Good idea.
12.That’s not right.
13.I was wrong. 
14.So far so good.
15.I know you.
16.You guys can go.
17.Wash your face.
18.Buy this.
19.I don’t feel so.
20.Who broke it?
21.Forget that.
22.Can you come?
23.Don’t wink. 
24.Take this.
25.Drop him home. (male)
26.Not good.
27.Don’t bother me. 
28.Be comfortable. 
29.You deserve it. 
30.Get me there.


Daily use Spoken English Sentences

100 Short Sentences for Daily Use:

31.Come with us.
32.You ate. 
33.Don’t shout.
34.Be with me.
35.You did well. 
36.Was I wrong?
37.He is clever.
38.Take this.
39.Let me go.
40.Don’t go far. 
41.I need to go.
42.I am bored.
43.Not required.
44.Eat it.
45.He needs money. 
46.He works here.
47.Listen to me.
48.Forget it.
49.Are you mad?
50.My pleasure.
51.Don’t forget.
52.Just coming.
53.Never mind.
54.Promise me.
55.Try this.
56.You can do it.
57.Bring him in. (male)
58.Move ahead.
59.Well done! 
60.Keep mum. Keep quiet


100 Sentences used in Daily life

100 Short Sentences for Daily Use:

61.Very fine.
62.Cheer up!
63.Who did it?
64.Believe me.
65.I agree with you.
66.See yourself.
67.Do that.
68.How foolish!
69.Do not tickle. 
70.No matter for me.
71.Listen carefully.
72.Go to hell.
73.I have bad luck.
74.Stay clean.
75.Clean that.
76.It’s too late.
77.At least.
78.She knows. (female)
79.Take care.
80.Don’t ask.
81.I have come.
82.Did you eat?
83.Stay up. 
84.Please get in.
85.It’s fantastic.
86.You can go.
87.He called me.
88.Don’t be silly.
89.He is clever.
90.Watch out. Be careful.
91.Clean up.
92.Let it go.
93.What else?
94.Shame on you.
95.I will leave.
96.Wait a minute. 
97.Don’t go too far.
98.It’s amazing.
99.How stupid!
100.Help them.


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