100 English Sentences For Daily Use

100 English Sentences For Daily Use: Speaking English is very important these days. If you can’t speak English fluently, your career can be affected. There are many people who cannot speak English even though they try hard. So he gave up learning English after failing. And think English is difficult. Actually, it is not. There is a method to learning English. To speak English you need to practice a lot. You have to learn different kinds of English with it.

At first, you should learn those types of English that seem easy to you. As a result, you can learn English quickly. With that you should always keep in mind – the kind of English that is always needed in our daily life should be learned. So let’s start today’s lesson –

Daily Use English Sentences

100 English Sentences For Daily Use:

  1. Had she gone?
  2. We will surely come.
  3. I wish you luck.
  4. Do I do it?
  5. It’s up to you.
  6. Got it.
  7. She’s really pretty.
  8. It is almost evening.
  9. Give this here.
  10. Pack the books up.
  11. Is anything done?
  12. He too is with me now.
  13. Whatever, just start.
  14. I’m all for it!
  15. That’s enough for today.
  16. Didn’t go?
  17. No way.
  18. How do you like it so far?
  19. Was that you?
  20. Heartiest congratulations!
  21. Will she go?
  22. In that case, I will wait.
  23. From Whom?
  24. Hey, you are still here?
  25. Yeah, done.
  26. Is it all right?
  27. Come along with me.
  28. How do I look?
  29. You look like a devil.
  30. Is it really that bad?

Daily use English Sentences Conversations

100 English Sentences For Daily Use:

31. He did something.
32. Give me a hint.
33. Then where is it?
34. I knew, it happens.
35. Yes, I will. so what?
36. I really like this.
37. You must have seen.
38. It wasn’t all that great.
39. How many times?
40. You acted very smart.
41. Didn’t you say that?
42. It will be bad.
43. How old?
44. Is everything okay?
45. I passed it.
46. It’s a bit bigger.
47. I’m not in a hurry.
48. I was concerned about you.
49. Here you are.
50. So what are you?
51. Keep on the lookout.
52. Have a betel leaf.
53. Show me.
54. Give me one.
55. This way please.
56. I let it off.
57. Yes, no doubt.
58. Go please!
59. Was she going?
60. I understand you.

English Sentences Used in Daily Life

100 English Sentences For Daily Use:

61. You sit on that chair.
62. Won’t speak?
63. Let me know when they come.
64. How about this one?
65. Then try to follow.
66. Didn’t say?
67. Nobody does.
68. I am in a great fix.
69. Whatever it is.
70. Hadn’t gone?
71. What nonsense are you talking?
72. I’ll do my best.
73. Don’t panic!
74. Do you have that?
75. Now hear me out.
76. I am in a hurry.
77. Whatever you like.
78. Get them something to eat.
79. She accepted this.
80. I had hoped. I expected.
81. Who is coming?
82. It was full.
83. Go to school.
84. She will worry.
85. Did she go?
86. Neither of us forgot about it.
87. How can I achieve it?
88. This way?
89. Isn’t going?
90. Do as you’re told.
91. Look carefully.
92. I flatly disagree.
93. Does she go?
94. See, if the sweets are here?
95. I feel your pain.
96. Who cares?
97. Is she going?
98. But for what?
99. Let me think about it.
100. I didn’t like this.

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