50 Sentences You Can Use Everyday

50 Sentences You can Use Everyday: The only easy way to speak English is to learn something new every day. For example, you should learn the kind of sentences that are used every day. Only then you will learn to speak English quickly. Today I will share with you some sentences that will always be useful when speaking English. These sentences can be used by everyone. If you learn these, you will be able to learn English quickly.

English Sentences for daily use

  • Take me to this address.
  • Nobody can stop me!
  • I can’t stop sneezing.
  • Are you fair?
  • Is that fair?
  • The food was delicious.
  • I am here for the first time.
  • This is the first time I’ve been here.
  • What did you do last night?
  • What should I wear?
  • What’s the room rate?
  • When will the train arrive?
  • Where is an ATM?
  • Are they coming today?
  • Let’s cross the street.
  • Don’t play in the street.
  • May I have a picture?
  • Can I get a picture?
  • Did you send me a book?
  • Where is the bookstore?
  • Does he like the school?
  • He works in a company.
  • How do I use this?
  • What is the population of France?
  • I ate already.
  • I feel good.

Useful sentences for Daily use

  • I need other shoes.
  • Let’s try another one.
  • I want to go for a walk.
  • I’ll take that one also.
  • I’m slightly hungry.
  • I am terribly hungry.
  • I don’t feel well.
  • Don’t blame the guide.
  • Your cake was delicious.
  • I’ve never done that.
  • I never did that.
  • My uncle was there.
  • I’ve heard nothing.
  • I have nothing to say.
  • Take me to the airport.
  • Start the car.
  • That’s enough.
  • The cars are made in Germany.
  • This is my brother.
  • Which school do you read?
  • What’s the phone number?
  • When does he arrive?
  • Where does your wife work?
  • A long time ago.
  • Are you okay?
  • Can I bring my friend?
  • Can you speak louder, please?
  • How about some coffee?
  • Do you take credit cards?

Sentences You can Use Everyday: I hope these 50 sentences will help you speak English faster. But if you want to speak English, you have to practice every day. When you talk to friends, try to say a few sentences in English. Then learn to speak English quickly.

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