100 English questions and answers for Speaking English

100 English questions and answers for Speaking English fluently

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Basic English question answer
Speak English Fluently & Confidently
Common questions and answers in English

What time do you have breakfast?
➤ I have breakfast at 7.15 am.

How are you?
➤ I’m fine thank you.

Do you need anything else?
➤ No, thanks.

Could we have lunch together one day?
➤ With pleasure. I’d love to but I’m very busy at the moment.

Where are you going to be staying?
➤ With some friends in the Taj Hotel.

What is your phone number?
➤ My phone number is 8099310210.

Why do you study English?
Why are you studying English?
➤ Because it’s very important and necessary.
➤ I want to improve my English skills.

Can you give me a hand?
➤ No problem.
➤ I can’t.

How do you do?
➤ Pleased to meet you.

Would you like to leave a message?
➤ Please ask him to call me back.

What time do you close?
➤ I close at 8pm.

What time do you go to bed?
➤ I go to bed at 10pm.

How about you?
➤ Not too good.
➤ But I’ll be okay.

How are you feeling?
➤ Great! Never better.
➤ Really awful.

Would you like to have dinner with me?
➤ Yes. That would be nice.

Basic English question answer

How long are you staying here?
➤ About 3 weeks.

Where are you from?
➤ I’m from London.
➤ I come from America.

Where do you study?
➤ I am a student at Delhi University.

What’s on your mind?
➤ I am just thinking.
➤ It’s none of your business.

Can I get you anything else?
➤ No, thank you.
➤ I’m ready for the bill, please.
➤ Yes, can I see a sweet dish?

Is it close to the rail station?
➤ Yes, it’s very close.

What’s the best way to the bank?
➤ Go across the Temple. Turn left. It’s on seven Street. You could ask the taxi driver.

Do you need any help packing?
➤ I can manage myself thank you.

What’s your favorite food?
➤ My favorite food is hot noodles.

What are you going to do today?
➤ Today I’m going shopping.

Are you ready to order?
➤ I need a few more minutes.
➤ I’d like a cake, please!

Would you like to come to the college with me today?
➤ Sure, I’d love to.
➤ Sorry, I can’t.
➤ I’ve got other plans.

Can I help you find something?
➤ Yes, I’m looking for mobile.

What’s your email address?
➤ It’s merry21@gmail.com.

What do you want to do after you graduate?
➤ I would like to be a game developer.
➤ I want to be a graphic designer.

Could you do me a favor?
➤ I’d be happy to help you.

What’s this?
➤ This is a lens.

How long have you been working here?
➤ I’ve been working here three years.

Common questions and answers in English

Do you have a reservation?
➤ Yes, I do.
➤ No, I don’t.

When is your birthday?
➤ My birthday is on October 31st.

What sports can you play?
➤ I can play cricket, football and basketball.

Could you tell me how to get to the rail station?
➤ Go straight ahead along this road.
➤ It’s in the end of the block.

Did you get my message?
➤ Yes, I did get your message.
➤ Oh, yeah, I think I got something from you.

What time do you open?
➤ We open at 8am.

What is your marital status?
➤ I’m married. I’m single.

Which grade are you in?
➤ I’m in 5th grade.

Can I try it on somewhere?
➤ The fitting room is in the left corner.

How do you feel about him?
➤ He is quite friendly and helpful.

How long have you been feeling like this?
➤ For 2 days.

How long will you be staying?
➤ Three weeks from this Sunday.
➤ I’m here until the end of the month.

How old are you?
➤ I’m 30 years old.
➤ I’m 30.

How do you go to school?
➤ I go to school by bus.
➤ I usually take the bus.

What are you going to do tomorrow?
➤ I’m going to play cricket.

Are you here with anybody?
➤ I came with my parents.

When do you ride the bus?
➤ When I go to school.

When will he be back?
➤ He’ll be back in 5 minutes.

What times are you open?
➤ We’re open from 9am to 10pm, seven days a week.

What’s your name?
➤ My name is Merry.
➤ I’m Merry.

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