60 Most Common Questions in English

60 Most Common Questions in English – Do you want to speak English fluently? Then you have to learn to ask questions in English. This means you must learn how to ask questions in English. Because if you can’t ask questions while speaking English, your conversation won’t be long. If you can ask questions in English, you will be able to speak English fluently. So today I am going to teach you some English questions that are used frequently when speaking English. Knowing these will definitely improve your spoken English.

Learn 60 Most Common Questions in English

1Will you go by train?
2Do you know the reason?
3Where’s the museum?
4Can you drive a car?
5What are you doing?
6How long will it take?
7Could you drive more slowly?
8What is the story?
9Can I eat this?
10What did he say?
11Will you join our club?
12When does it begin?
13Who broke the vase?
14Can he speak English?
15How about a cup of tea?
16Was the movie good?
17Can you answer this?
18What is going on?
19How deep is the lake?
20Why do you lie?

English Questions for conversations

21Could you tell me the way?
22Where is the pain?
23Can you handle it?
24What did you buy?
25Is the bath clean?
26Can you come?
27Who did you meet there?
28What’s the bus fare?
29Are you all right?
30Could you repeat that?
31What is the problem?
32Can we talk in private?
33Did he say anything about it?
34Will you please go there?
35When did you return?
36Will you send it by mail?
37Who left the door open?
38Will you go with us?
39Do you like cooking?
40When will you leave?

Daily use English questions

41Do you have any gum?
42Will it rain today?
43Do you have a fever?
44What is in the desk?
45Can you play the piano?
46What’re you talking about?
47Where will we meet?
48Do you want money?
49Will she come?
50What do you want?
51Has he failed again?
52What do you need?
53Didn’t you go out?
54What’s the matter?
55Can you find it?
56What time is it?
57Has he come yet?
58Do you like snow?
59Did you invite him?
60Will you stop talking?
61When do you study?
62Will it be hot tomorrow?
63When did you buy it?
64Can I turn on the TV?
65Why do you ask?
66Could I use your pencil?
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