80+ English questions and answers

80+ English questions and answers for Conversation1

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English questions and answers: Today we will learn some English question and answer, If you know these, you will learn to speak English Fluently very quickly. To speak English you must learn to ask questions, with that you need to know how to answer. Whatever English questions and answers you will learn today are used all the time in our daily life. If you want to speak English – then you must learn these. These will help you a lot to learn English. So let’s get started –

Most Common English questions and answers

Many times we go to the shopping mall and ask –
➤ Do you have anything big?
Yes, I’ve got larger size.

➤ What are you planning to do today?
I’m not sure yet.
I have not decided yet.

➤ Do you have anything to declare?
No, nothing.

➤ What do you usually do during your trip?
I often go sightseeing and take pictures.

➤ Is that a good fit?
It’s a little too small.
It’s just right.

➤ What do you do every day?
I listen to music and read books everyday.

➤ May I have your passport, please?
Yes, of course. Here you are.

➤ Have you ever been abroad?
I went to Brazil last year.

➤ Do you have a boyfriend?
Yes, I have a boyfriend.

➤ Do you have any exams coming up?
No, I’ve just graduated.

➤ What size do you take?
I will take a size 8.

➤ Do you need help?
Thanks for asking.
Yes, please, if you don’t mind.

➤ Where’s the counter, please?
I don’t know.
It’s over there.

➤ How many places have you traveled to?
I have visited many countries.

➤ Where do you live?
I live in Brazil.

➤ What time do you go to school?
I go to school at 10 am.

Daily Use English questions and answers

➤ What did you do last night?
I watched TV.
I cooked fish curry and rice.

➤ What do you think about this event?
I really like it!
What do you think?

➤ How long does it take?
It takes two hours.

➤ Can I speak to John, please?
Just a moment, please.
Certainly. I’m John.
I’m sorry, John is not here at the moment.
He is not available right now.

➤ Would you like a receipt?
Yes, thanks. That would be great.

➤ Are you married?
Yes! I’m married.
No, but looking for someone nice.

➤ Which year are you in?
I’m in my second year.
I’m in my final year.

➤ What size do you wear?
Large should be fine.

➤ May I open the window?
Certainly. It’s very hot today!

➤ Do you have any rooms available?
We don’t have any rooms available.

➤ What’s your hobby?
I like playing cricket, reading books, swimming and singing.
I am interested in playing guitar.
My hobbies are listening to music, dancing, playing football and collecting stamps.

➤ Where are you going?
I’m going to the store. I need to buy something.

➤ How was the party?
It was good.

Basic English Question Answer

➤ Where do you want to go?
I’d like to go to a restaurant.

➤ Could you tell me where the bank is?
Go straight ahead.
I’m sorry, I don’t know.

➤ What’s your favorite color?
My favorite color is purple.

➤ What are you doing?
I am reading a novel.
I am cooking food.

➤ Would you like chicken or fish?
I’d like chicken.

➤ Would you like to play Ludo?
That would be great.
I’d like to but I’m not free now.

➤ Could you tell me where the fish is?
If you go to the frozen food section, you’ll find the fish there.

➤ What religion are you?
I am a Christian.

➤ How long have you learning English?
I’ve been learning English since I was 5.
I’ve been learning English for 5 years.

➤ Can I try it on?
Sure, the changing rooms are over there.

➤ Are you hungry?
Yes. I’m hungry.
No. I’m full.

➤ What are your symptoms?
I’ve got a headache.
I’ve been feeling sick.

➤ Do you have a credit card?
Of course.

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